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Air India Express – Simply Priceless

A low cost subsidiary of Air India, Air India Express has its hub in the state of Kerala. The airline was earlier headquartered in Mumbai but since most of the flights operate from Kerala, Kochi was made the headquarters in January 2013. At present the airline service is limited to Middle East and South East Asia and operates almost 100 flights per week. The airline is part of Air India Charters Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Air India Limited.


The operation of Air India Express began on 29th April 2005 and their first ever flight was bound for Abu Dhabi from Thiruvananthapuram. The company was founded in May 2004 and the delivery of first aircraft for the airline took place on February 22nd 2005. Calicut International airport, Cochin International airport and Trivandrum International airport are among the major operating base of the airline. At present Air India Express flies to over 30 destinations across 11 countries.


Air India Express currently owns a fleet size of 20 Boeing 737-800. As of Feb 2014 the average age of the Air-India Express feet was 6.3 years. A unique facet of each Air India Express aircraft is its tail art. Every aircraft features a different tail design that reflects the culture, tradition and history of India. The fleet at Air India Express consists of state of the art 21 B737-800 aircraft with a capacity of 180 seats.

Routes and Destination

Air India Express operates from India for those international destinations which are not more than 4 hours away. Most of the flights have a quick turnaround time with a ground time of 1 hour. Flights to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Muscat, Salalah, Singapore, KualaLumpur, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Columbo and Dhakaare available from 12 India destinations - Kozhikode, Kochi, Thiruvananthpuram, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Amritsar, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Mangalore and Tiruchirapally. Mumbai - Kochi, Mumbai - Kozhikode, Mumbai - Delhi, Mumbai - Chennai, Mumbai - Pune, Mumbai - Tiruchirapally, Chennai - Thiruchirapalli, Chennai - Thiruvananthpuram, Kozhikode - Kochi, Kozhikode - Mangalore and Kochi - Thiruvananthapuram are the domestic sectors connected by Air India Express. 

Why Fly with Air India Express

How to Check IN

Currently only the option of counter check-in is available at Air India Express. The express check-in counter at Air India Express opens 3 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before the scheduled departure. For domestic travel, tourists need to carry a government approved photo ID card while the international passengers need to carry their passport along with visa in case of checking in without a conventional paper ticket.

Baggage Fees and Allowances

Every passenger travelling with Air India Express has a free baggage allowance of 30 kg for check-in baggage and 7 kg towards cabin luggage. Every infant in entitled to 10 kg of baggage free of charge. Extra charges, in case of excess baggage, are applicable as per industry standards.


Air-India Express offer a very customer-friendly web based reservations system for seat booking. The booking system has features like ‘lowest fare finder' to help passengers find the fares of their choice. The airbus has a seating capacity of 180 passengers and a small fee is applicable for selecting the seat of your choice. Passengers can also pre book their seats through our authorized travel agents.

Booking Fees

Passengers can book their tickets online at, book their tickets from the counter at Air India Express's airport or city offices or book tickets through the airline’s appointed travel agents, the list of which is available at their office or at the airport. A fee of Rs 450 per person per sector is applicable for those who wish to make any changes in their itinerary. Change of route is not permitted in any case. In case of cancellation, passengers attract 35% of the Basic Fare and Transaction Fees when cancelled 10 days prior to departure. Transaction fee and 50% of the basic fee is deducted in case of cancelling tickets before 1 to 10 days before travel. No refund is provided when ticket is cancelled within 24 hours before travel.