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GermanyLand of Architectural Treasure & Natural Beauty

Germany is a fabulous country beautifully situated in the heart of Europe. A country world renowned for its exactitude engineering & high tech products, Germany truly is also a tourist’s delight with its old-world charm & friendliness, numerous historical places and fascinating natural attractions. Its richness in heritage, culture and local diversity will dazzle any visitor.

About the Country

The Federal Republic of Germany lies in Western and Central Europe sharing its border with nine countries including Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. One of the main economic powers in the world, Germany occupies an area of 357,021 square kilometers, thus ranking 7th largest country in Europe & the 62nd largest in the world. With a population of 80.6 million people, Germany is also the most populous country in European Union and taking 16th position in world’s most populous countries. The ethnic group is largely Germans with 80% population and the rest is a mixture of Middle Eastern, Asian, Black African and other ethnic groups. The country has 16 states and each region in the country has its own unique and distinctive culture. Berlin is the largest city and serves as the capital of Germany.

The country enjoys largely temperate climate and can be visited any time of the year. However, the peak tourist season is between May and September. The land’s climate is categorized into four seasons – Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-Aug), Autumn (Sep-Nov) and Winter (Dec-Feb). Each season has its own charm; spring is truly a wonderful time with Easter celebrations and spring fairs. Summer welcomes you with open-air festivals and numerous outdoor activities and autumn has its pleasant appeal while winter is for indulging in several winter sports & activities. Germany also hosts many fun carnivals, fests and festivals that occur all year round. The Love Parade (Jul - Aug), colorful carnivals (Jan-Feb) and May Festival are very famous, while the Oktoberfest (Sep-Nov) held in Munich is legendary.

Major Cities & Attractions

There are numerous cities in Germany that are of tourist interest. Some of the well known cities in the country are Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Nuremberg.

Talking about interesting places and attractions in the country, it is countless. Germany is an architectural treasure house. The country is dotted with many enthralling places of natural beauty and is a paradise for adventure and history buffs. Each destination in the country has its own unique story to tell. The fascinating city of Berlin with many attractions is the most visited and favorite place of tourists from all over the world. The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, built in 1791 is the national symbol of Germany.

Located in southwest Bavaria, Neuschwanstein is an ultimate fairytale castle and is one of the top tourist attractions in the country. The old city of Heidelberg with its picturesque houses and old narrow streets is home to the famous Heidelberg Castle and is country’s most popular travel destination. The Cathedral of Cologne is one of the most famous and architectural marvels in Germany. A gothic masterpiece, it is also the third tallest cathedral in the world. The Romantic Road, Church of Our Lady in Dresden, the city of Weimer, the Black Forest, Hamburg, Lindau, Rugen Cliffs, Holstenton and Lake Constance are well known travel destinations in the country. Not to be missed is the city of Munich renowned for hosting Oktoberfest. This festival starts from end of the September till October first weekend and is visited by 6 million people annually.

Eating & Shopping

The cuisine in Germany differs from one region to another. The country’s Bavaria & Swabia southern regions have similar culinary culture with Austria & Switzerland. Pork is among the most popular meat consumed in the country apart from beef and poultry. Trout is common in German menu while vegetables are eaten in stews and soups. An array of cakes and tarts prepared from fresh fruit are very common and served throughout the country and definitely must have for visitors. Cheesecake prepared with quark and Black Forest Cake made with cherries is also very popular.

Shopping in Germany would be an exciting and enthralling experience. You can shop for variety of things ranging from clothing to antiques, music, souvenirs and what not. Each city in the country is filled with various stores, shopping centres, boutiques, flea markets and typical pedestrian malls. The most well known and top shopping destinations in the country includes Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Cologne.

Flights to Germany

Germany has many airports linking to its cities and around the globe. Some of the most important airports that serve international flights are in Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf. Berlin Tegel, Cologne, Hamburg as well as Stuttgart airports also have some flights that connect to the rest of the world. Frankfurt is the major hub in Germany as well as in Europe and is a landing place for most intercontinental flights. Tourists can easily reach Germany via airways from most parts of the world.

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