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Finland – Land of the Midnight Sun

A gorgeous country in Northern Europe, Finland is truly a treasure house of nature. From deep green forests to islands, alpine beauty to cultural and historical attractions, Finland offers a broad array of travel experiences. It lies to the west of Sweden, to the north it is bound by Norway and to the east by Russia. Helsinki, the nation’s capital, serves as the main entrance for most tourists coming to Finland. The city is well linked via airways to all major destinations around the globe.

About the Country

Finland is Europe’s 8th largest nation with a population of about 5.5 million people. Majority of the population is composed of native people or Finns. Finnish is widely spoken throughout the country while Swedish is also one of the country’s two official languages. Finland consists of thousands of lakes and islands and features cold but temperate climate. Early June to August is a great time to explore southern Finland and the Lakeland. However, the high tourist season is from June to July with Finnish holidays and night lights. October and February-March are ideal months for visiting northern Finland including Lapland. It is a great time of the year to enjoy winter activities and viewing aurora borealis (northern lights) in Lapland. You can plan a visit during Christmas holidays in Lapland, while Helsinki, the capital city is all year round destination.

Major Cities & Attractions

The vibrant city of Helsinki, which is also the largest city in Finland with numerous attractions receives highest number of tourists and can be visited all year round. Destination spots including Tampere, Turku, Porvoo, Korvatunturi, Rovaniemi, Suomenlinna, Savonlinna, Oulu and Kuopio are also popular among the tourists.

Helsinki, situated along the Baltic Sea offers many cultural attractions and is a great destination for a relaxing holiday with amazing opportunities of outdoor activities. Some of the best sights in the city include the Finlania Hall, the Senate Square, the Rock Church and the Helsinki Cathedral. If you are more inclined to history and art, then visit the Finnish National Museum and the Finnish National Museum of Art. Also, don’t miss to go to the Open Air Folk Museum, located on Seurasaari Island near Helsinki.

The Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is easily reachable by ferry from Helsinki. Rauma is an old town, highly regarded for its quality lace and wooden architecture and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are looking for countryside experience, then Tampere is the place to be. The most prominent site here is the Tampere Cathedral. Besides, the surrounding regions of Hameenlinna town offer spectacular views and town is known for its 13th century Castle, one of the oldest castles in Finland.

One of the interesting places to include in your travel itinerary is Turku, popular for its historical sites. From here you can also take a ferry trip to Aland Islands, a big archipelago. Finland is also famous for its scenic lakes. Saimaa Lake is one of the well known lakes to be visited in the country. Lake Inari, which is home to a variety of fish and Lake Paijanne are also popular tourist spots in Finland. Associated with many tales of Santa Claus, Lapland is a fabulous place for nature lovers and winter sports enthusiasts. Rich in flora and fauna, the Koli National Park in the eastern Finland offer amazing landscapes and is one of the highly rated attractions in Finland.

Eating & Shopping

Finnish cuisine has a great influence from Russia, Sweden and continental cuisine. Traditional dishes include fish, especially turbot roe & salmon, and meat of reindeer. Potatoes, sausage, karelian pie and breads are also very common in Finland. Karjalanpiirakka (rice or potato pastry), kalakukko (baked fish & pork inside a loaf) and hernekeitto (pea soup) are some popular local specialties to try while in Finland. Variety of dining options including traditional and other cuisines are available across the country.

Finland is highly reputed worldwide in the field of design and its glassware, ceramics, home ware and furniture. Additionally, the country is also known for its traditional handicrafts especially Sami jewelry, handwooven rugs, fishing & hunting knives and Lappish cups. You can also shop for fur items which the country is also well regarded for. The country has a wide range of classy fashion stores and boutiques, supermarkets, traditional markets and shopping centres, making it an ideal shopping destination.

Flights to Finland

Helsinki Vantaa Airport is the major international airport and serves as the prime gateway for visitors in Finland. Other important airports in Finland are located at Tampere, Lapepeenranta and Turku.

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