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As ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is the most intriguing and mysterious East Asian nation. Majestically located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is made up of 6852 islands of which only few are habitable and populated. Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, boasts of the largest metropolitan area on the globe. The archipelago of Japan enjoys temperate climate with variation from north to south. Late summers are prone to typhoons and winters experience light-heavy snowfall. The best time to visit Japan is during spring season in March-April when the island is shrouded with beautiful blossoms and abundant with fauna activity.
Japan’s rich history and futuristic culture makes it an ideal destination for travellers seeking an amalgamation of past and future in their travel adventures. The ‘bullet train’ of Tokyo is a cultural icon representing the fast-paced life of the new millennia. With its cultural origins in the Palaeolithic era, Japanese heritage has much to offer in terms of art, music, literature and architecture. Famous for exports of electronic goods, silk kimonos, toys and much more; Japanese markets have much to offer in terms of variety and intrigue. Centuries old Samurai culture is reflected in 12 culturally significant sites (acknowledged by UNESCO), peppered around the resplendent geography of Japan. What further enhances the appeal of this incredible country is the fact that the 2020 Summer Olympics will be hosted in Tokyo. This would be the second time that Japan would host an Olympic, first time being in 1964. Seven heritage venues are being prepared around the Olympic Village of Tokyo for the final event. With an initial investment of 400 billion Yen intended to give a complete face-lift to Japan, tourists are going to find this the most exciting time to visit the archipelago.
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