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Qatar is fast emerging as one of the major tourist destinations in the world owing to its large number of natural and man-made attractions. From great architectural creations to lavish hotels, extraordinary seascapes and sand dunes, Qatar has everything that makes a good holiday destination. Right from exhilarating desert safaris, sun bathing at the beaches and pools to just playing your favorite sport, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy and entertained.

Qatar’s prime tourist attractions start with the capital - Doha. Situated on the bay, Doha is considered the traditional and financial center of the country. The city is a fascinating blend of old Arabic customs contrasting with modern ways of living. The seaside urban background is an exploratory fusion of eternal vintage Arab architecture placed alongside contemporary styles.

For a somewhat minor peninsula in the Middle East, Qatar has a lot to offer to its tourists. People interested in the history and culture of Qatar will not be disappointed as there are numerous museums, forts, caves and ruins that depict its rich past, the most popular being the archaeological site of Zubarah, where the remnants of a thriving port city can be found. A fort still remains as a museum on the location. Another important historical location is the Al-Jassassiya rock carvings that have over 900 petroglyphs that date back to the 15th century BCE.

The remaining forts and towers in Qatar have been turned into historical museums. These include The Barzan Towers, at the edge of Umm Salal Mohammed, a defensive watchtower at Al Khor and The Al Koot Fort in Doha that showcases numerous traditional handicrafts. Others important locations that are worth a visit are the Al Shaghab Fort, Marwab Fort, Al Rakiyat Fort, Al Wajbah Fort, Al Thughab Fort, Umm Al Maa Fort, Al Ghuwair Castle and the ruins of Al Yussoufiya Fort.

Museums like the National Museum, The Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum in Al Shahaniya, Mathaf (Arab museum of modern art) and the very popular Museum of Islamic Art in Doha are sure to delight visitors who have a keen eye for culture.

The Pearl too is a marvelous and breathtaking place that every tourist must visit. It is a spectacular man-made island linked to Doha through a bridge. Many different restaurants and high-end shopping centers can be found there. The Villaggio Mall is a Venetian style shopping mall, complete with canals and gondolas. For a taste of the local handicrafts, you can visit the SouqWaqif, which is a traditional old marketplace of Qatar.

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