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Singapore is a little island in Southeast Asia - often fondly referred to as the ‘Little Red Dot’ - that is fast rising on the economic ladder, despite its small size. A bustling metropolis known for its spotless and pristine streets, lush and plentiful greenery as well as imposing skyline, Singapore is a top tourist destination and often the first transitional stop into Asia for foreigners, due to its easy accessibility and English-speaking populace. With its pleasantly warm climate, delicious and cheap local food mixed with high-end malls, mega hotels and chic nightlife spots, Singapore is the place to go to experience traditional Asian culture of many sorts mixed with modern creature comforts. You can visit a Hindu temple, have authentic Malay rojak, and visit Chinatown all in the span of a few days, then head for gourmet cuisine at any of the celebrity chef restaurants around the island.

Even Singapore’s Changi Airport – having been voted the best airport in the world countless times – is a tourist attraction in itself. With state-of-the-art facilities and amenities like an aviation gallery, movie theatre, MTV booth, Xbox kinect room, a forest-themed indoor playground, three-storey-high megaslide and much more, waiting for your flight has never been this enjoyable.

Getting around

Singapore’s public transportation - like many other facilities in Singapore - is considered one of the best in the world. The most convenient and fastest way of getting around is via the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), a train network which blankets the entire island extensively, and can get you from one end to another in less than 45 minutes. Otherwise, public buses are also plentiful and offer relatively inexpensive fares.

For those in a hurry, taxis can usually be flagged off the street with relative ease - but do note that during peak hour or when it rains public transportation may become a better option though.

What to see and do

When you’re in Singapore, there are no lack of enjoyable activities for you. Treat yourself to sinful local gastronomic delights at reasonable prices, gaze pensively at the imposing skyline as you relax in the world’s highest swimming pool, sitting 57 stories above ground in the beautiful Marina Bay Sands hotel, and visit local heritage sites such as the Chinatown Heritage Centre or the Malay Heritage Centre for a deeper understanding of how this little country with its multitude of different peoples came to be such an economic powerhouse today.

With its year-long sunny warmth, Singapore is also the perfect place to kick back, relax and just enjoy a long lazy bask in the sun. Head over to Sentosa, a top island resort in the country, for just that and more - loosely translating as ‘peace and tranquility’ in Malay, Sentosa offers gorgeous white sandy beaches, a Universal Studios theme park, indoor skydiving facilities, a butterfly and insect park, the majestic statue of the Merlion and many, many more.