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Thailand – once the mighty Siam – is a country in sunny Southeast Asia bordered by Myanmar (Burma), Laos and Cambodia. The official language spoken in Thailand is Thai and though local students may be required to study English, most people within the country don’t speak nor understand it. So bring along a Thai-English dictionary if you’re intending to go there for a vacation and are considering venturing away from the common tourist districts!

What to see and do

Thailand is known for many things but at the top of the list comes sand and sea. With more than 5 major beaches and countless beach resorts, as well as some of the clearest seas and whitest sands in Asia, Phuket is a must-have on every beach-lover’s repertoire. For the water-sport lover, every major beach also comes equipped with instructors and equipment for diving, snorkelling, windsurfing and sailing.

For the shopaholic, Bangkok is one city where you can really let loose. The capital of Thailand is filled with megamalls hawking tons of wares at jaw-dropping prices. Visit Platinum mall, one of the all-time favourites and prepare to have to buy a separate suitcase to cart all your steals home! Besides shopping, Bangkok also offers beautiful architecture in the form of ancient temples such as Wat Arun as well as the stunning Grand Palace and Golden Buddha.

Chiang Mai, the ‘New City’ sometimes also known as the ‘Rose of the North’, is one of the few places left in the world where one can experience both historical and modern culture at one go; with historic temples and pagodas situated next to boutique hotels and convenience stores, you can enjoy modern comforts whilst immersing in the past. Besides visiting temples, be sure to stop by the old city that is well-preserved with a moat, much of its old fortified walls and four main gates still intact.

Getting around

To get around the country, most people choose to use inter-town buses which are convenient and reliable. They come with multiple types of fares depending on the type of bus and class of service you prefer. Alternatively, you can also take a train – the State Railway of Thailand boasts four main lines and a handful of branch lines, coming with varying prices depending on the comfort level and speed you want.


Images by Flickr/ZeePack