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Looking For Safe and Classy Flights? Find Them at Malaga (AGP) Airport

The Malaga (AGP) airport is one of the most suitable flight providers. It is ranked the fourth busiest airport in Spain. This airport is also recognized as a major international airport. It serves Costa del Sol.

Location of Malaga (AGP) airport is 8 kilometers southwest of Magala. Flights from AGP airport serve over 60 destinations across the world. Two major terminals operate its flights.

Construction of this airport has reduced other airport’s passenger traffic. This airport connects at least 20 Spain cities. In Europe, more than 100 cities connect through this airport. During the summer, the airport operates flights directly to North America, Africa, and the Middle East.


Malaga (AGP) airport is among Span’s oldest airports. It still operates from its original grounds. In 1919 the month of March, the airport was opened. The first flight took off in September 1919.

After several years of operation, AGP began operating under the military. During this period, air force training took place here. Don Abelardo was the commander in charge.

Flights were opened for civil passengers internationally. This led to passengers population increase. In 1960, expansion of the major runway took place. The airport went steps ahead to improve its infrastructure. A new terminal was opened later in 1968. Several companies were moved by the great AGP services. These companies went ahead to offer holiday packages.

Many improvements were made as the airport grew. In 2002, a control tower was constructed. The Monarch Airlines opened their base at this airport in 2005. During this period, A320-200 Airbus was allowed to operate at the airport.

In 2007, the Monarch Airlines base was closed. This happened as a result of the routes not being popular. A new route was opened later to cover the loss that was experienced. More routes were introduced in 2009. The number of the routes increased to 19.

Completion of the third terminal occurred in 2010. It was hence opened for public activities. Commercial landing took place in 2012. This was for the first time on the second runway. The number of aircrafts that landed at the airport was 44.

Today the airline operates at least five routes. This is a great achievement. The airport has plans for making more flights that are comfortable.


The Malaga (AGP) airporthas improved drastically compared to the past years. Fleet type based on the type of aircrafts has equally improved. The airport operates the A320-200 Airbus. With several years in operation, the airport has surely advanced. The aircrafts at the airport are comfortable.


The great services offered by the Malaga (AGP) airporthave earned the airport several awards, including:

-          Malaga (AGP) airporthas been recognized as one of the best airports in Europe  

Routes and destinations

The flights at this airport cover a wide range on international destinations. It covers over 60 destinations across the world. Explore the universe today with Malaga (AGP) airport flights.

Why book a flight from Malaga (AGP)airport

How to check in

The AGP airport has several ways on how to check in. They include the following:

-          You can check in four hours prior to flight departure for ticket changes.

-          Online reservations are also available.

-          Booking is done at the airport counters.

-          Include your baggage while making reservations.

-          Make a call and book for an aircraft of your choice.

Baggage and allowance

The amount of baggage varies with each aircraft. Some aircrafts have small cabins. Baggage allowance depends on the distance and the type of ticket.

Passengers are required to carry a single handbag for their flights. Excess bags attract an extra fee.


Seating onMalaga (AGP) airportdepends on an airline. The seats range in inches in terms of width and height. Seats that are near the exit cost more. A passenger can book for a seat in advance. If you book and make reservations early, you are bound to get a discount.

It is important to provide clear details while making reservations. If you are travelling with the elderly, kids or sick people, get clear information from the booking center. 

Booking fee

Booking for flights in Malaga (AGP) airportis simple. A passenger makes reservations online at the comfort of their home. Online booking is an effective method. It is fast and easy.

Other third party websites also are at a passenger’s disposal. Passengers can also make a call for reservations. This booking process is simple.

Booking fee varies from one passenger to another. This is because of difference in flight classes. Economy class is cheaper compared to business class.

International and domestic flight charges differ. This is according to the distance and the aircraft. You can change your flight and reservation in case of need.




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Malaga Airport

Avda Garcia Morato s/n,
E-29004 Malaga,

Tel:902 404 704


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Longitude:4° 29' 53'' W
Latitude:36° 40' 18'' N
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