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Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) is the main hub for Delta airlines. It hosts over 90 million passengers annually. The ATL mainly hosts domestic flights but is also home to several international planes. The Airport is 7 miles South of Atlanta’s CBD.

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) is always awake commercially as it operates on a 24-hour basis. According to the available data based on recent research, the airport is referred as the words busiest in terms of passenger traffic, take offs and landings.

Due to the high number of airlines that operate through this airport, it manages to be an employer of more than 20000 people in different positions.


The onset of the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL was back in 1925 when the land where the airport currently is was leased. The first flight was on mid September 1926, which was a plane from Florida airways. Delta airline was the second airline to fly from this airport.

The aspect of the airport being busy started way back on its inception as it immediately became number three just a few days after commencing its operations. By mid 1939, a control tower had been constructed and elevated at the airport. The following year, it became a military airfield for the United States of America troops.

Another factor that was significant in the airports’ growth was the emergence of the Second World War. This is because the military transport base was at the Atlanta airport making its flights to double from 800.

In 1956, the airport recorded her first international departure. The international flight was destined to Montreal, Canada.

The Atlanta city council voted to have the current name from the original name, which was Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport in 2003. This was in honor of a fallen soldier and mayor by name Jackson.

As at February 2015, the airport was home to over 55,300 airlines. This airport enjoys perfect security and an efficient transportation system.


As of 2015, the fleets in the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL comprised of airbus carriers serving quite a number of destinations both domestically and internationally. Others are Boeing 757-200, Boeing 747-400, and Embracer 190 among others. Some of the planes that were in the fleet earlier were Lockheed Constellations, Airspeed Consul, and Fokker among others.

The aircrafts in this airport have a lifespan of around five years. With proper maintenance, the fleet is able to meet the customer demands without failure.


Atlanta HARTSFIELD-Jackson ATL is a magnificent company with several airlines. As the third best airport in United States of America, this airport has received numerous appreciations, awards, and accolades. This is from both the American nation as well as the international community.

The fact that it also helps in environmental conservation makes it a darling of many green movements and organizations from all over the world.

Routes and Destinations

This airport serves several domestic and international destinations, which are always on a constant increase.

The numbers of destinations are equal to the number of routes. Some of the domestic destinations as at February 2015 are Orlando, Tampa, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Miami, and Philadelphia among others.

International destinations from this airport include Cancun in Mexico, Paris in France, Rome in Italy, Nassau in Bahamas, Toronto in Canada, Punta Cana in Dominican Republic as well as London in United Kingdom.

Why Fly from Hartsfield Atlanta-Jackson

How to check-in

Hartsfield Atlanta-Jackson has variety of ways on how one can check- in and does not limit anyone. Some of the ways here are:

·         Individuals can check in by logging in into the airports’ website. Ensure you do this two days before your travel date.

·         One can decide to visit the airport counters personally with the necessary documents, which starts 3 and 2 hours prior to departure time for international and domestic flights respectively.  

Baggage and Allowance

This airport gives the maximum amount of luggage that is transportable, free of charge based on weight and measurements. Anything that exceeds the maximum weight is charged as per the available rules.


Most of the seat selection for airlines operating from this airport is the best. This includes the standard executive seats as well as the economy seats. The seats next to the exit acquire more charges than economy seats. Seat selection ends two days before the due date for travelling.

Booking Fee

This is never constant as it depends on several factors that vary from time to time. Some of the factors here include the route, seat booked, date of travel, and even the services in the plane among other factors.

For sure, this airport is a world-class gateway not only to Atlanta, but also to different parts of the United States. Use it today to experience what Atlanta and other parts of the state have to offer. You will definitely be amazed.





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