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Great Tours at Guangzhou (CAN) Airport

Guangzhou (CAN) airport is an excellent flight stopover. It operates as an international airport. This airport is located in Baiyun district within the Northern Renhe Town border. The airport is among the three largest China hubs. Standard flights grounds are available at this airport. Operations take place within two major terminals.

A wide range of routes is covered by flights at Guangzhou (CAN) airport. Passengers are allowed to enjoy great airport services. There is an available visa- free stay. This lasts for 72 hours. The visa-free stay applies for passengers taking international transfers.

This airport is the most organized. International and domestic services are provided from different areas thus alleviating cases of passenger confusion.

Facilities provided at this airport include:

ü  Parking slots.

ü  Business centers.

ü  Foreign currency exchange.

ü  Banks.

There are also available services like:

ü  Airport enquiries.

ü  Ticket center.

ü  Luggage checking.

ü  Shopping services.

ü  Internet.

The airport services have advanced recently. This is the best stop for great tours.


Opening of the Guangzhou (CAN) airport took place in 1932. Expansion of Guangzhou airport was difficult. It could not meet passengers’ demands. This was as a result of surrounding buildings.

The aircrafts operating at the airport produced a lot of noise. This forced the closure of the airport. A new airport was opened in 2004 in the month of August. Since then, the airport has improved its operations.


Guangzhou (CAN) airportcontains a fleet of aircrafts of different passenger capacities. The airport has aircrafts like 787 Boeing. This is a classic dream liner that begun operating in 2013.The 787 classy Dreamliner is made of a layout of three cabins. Guangzhou (CAN) airport has recently increased the number of the 787 Dreamliner to nine.


With many years of operation, CAN airport has been recognized. This has been due to its magnificent services. Awards and recognitions made to this airport include:

-          Guangzhou (CAN) airportreceived recognition among the airports that offer excellent travel services.

Routes and destinations

The services of Guangzhou (CAN) airport have advanced over the years. This has enabled the airport to cover many destinations. Over 110 air routes receive services from CAN airport. The international and domestic cities covered are over 100. Around 25 million passengers frequent the airport annually. Domestic flights hence take over across Shanghai, Kunming, Beijing, Chengdu, Guiyang, and Ningbo among others. The international flights directly tours in Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Sydney, and New York.

Why take a flight at Guangzhou (CAN) airport

How to check in

Guangzhou (CAN) airport offers incredible services to all passengers regardless of the destinations.It works with effective moderation, organization, and order. This gives passengers the comfort they need as they travel. For reservations and booking of flight at CAN airport, passengers can check in through three main ways. These are:

-          Logging online to book seats and flight reservations. The web services work 24 hours. This factor eases client’s reservation needs.  

-          Any flights for passengers boarding internationally are booked from the international counters.

-          Passengers may call or use counters to confirm their flights.

-          Identify yourself before flight take over. 

Baggage allowance

Every aircraft carries a different luggage quantity. It is important forpassengers to check in for baggage at the airport. There is a limit on carry-on baggage. The weight and size matters. Extra baggage charges an extra fee. Only a single handbag is allowed. All the other baggage for passengers is carried in a cabin. This goes along with the flight they are taking. If you book early, you are bound to get baggage offer. Small babies are allowed carriers while travelling.


Guangzhou (CAN) airport has been able to modernize the aircraft’s structure. The kind of aircrafts today depends with the distance and destination. The kind of passenger’s ticket also maters.

Aircrafts are modified differently. Some are big while others are small. They are also classified according to the class. Guangzhou airport contains four aircrafts from first class.

The economy class is made of 200 seatings. A business class aircraft has 24 seatings.

Booking fee

Guangzhou (CAN) airportbooking is simply through the counters. Early passenger reservations earn one a discount. Any information about the airport departures and arrivals for passengers can be made through online reservation.

It is possible for passengers to cancel their trips, change their flight reservations and dates in case of any inconveniences. Charges for small kids are free with any flights at CAN airport. In case of important cases like people with disabilities, passengers get advice not to book online. There are available offers provided in case of any occasions depending with the seasons. Book today for at Guangzhou (CAN) airport and enjoy excellent tours.

This is definitely one of the best airports in the world.





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