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Discover What Sheffield Has To Offer by Accessing It through Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) Airport

Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airportis a one of the biggest airports in the country. The airport handles both domestic and international flights. DSA airport is licensed for public passenger transport. Creation of DSA airport begun to offer effective flight services. Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport is the cheapest airport in terms of parking services. It provides safe and discounted travel tours. It has been able to cover a wide range of destinations. The different nations serviced by Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport flights include Montegro and Paphos among others. This airport has improved and increased domestic services. Today the airport serves over 30 destinations in the world. The advanced technology has moved the airport a mileage.


Construction of the Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport started around the year 1915. It was constructed for purposes of military aviation. This airport was used by the royal flying corps in the First World War. During the Second World War, the airport served as a training center. It also provided aircraft services. In 1995, the airport was decommissioned. It was reopened in 2005.

In 2005, the first commercial flight took off. The airports’ target for passengers was 1 million in 2006. During its first year of operation, 899,000 passengers boarded the flights in the airport. By august, the population of passengers increased to 2.28 million. In 2009, Easy jet launched its flight operation at DSA airport. The airline withdrew later due to insecurities. Discontinued operation by several routes in 2012 led to a decrease of passengers.

Since 2011, the airport has been the home base of the Avro Vulcan aircraft.The airport construction improved communication around the environs and created job opportunities. The desired goals when creating this airport included improvement in growth of infrastructure, transport management, and investment activities.

Today, the DSA airport has improved tremendously. The airport boasts of a terminal capacity of around 2.5 million passengers annually. The airport plans to expand its cargo capacity in future.


Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airporthas improved compared to the past years. One of the fleets the airport operates is the A320 Airbus. With several years in operation, the airport has advanced. The aircrafts at the airport are comfortable, classy, and stylish. The latest fleet is the B727 G-OSRB.  


The great services offered by the Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport have made it receive an array of accolades and recognitions. They include:

-          Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airportobtained an award for excellent customer service in 2014.

Routes and destinations

Doncaster Sheffield airport has recently grown to attract many nations’ interests. . This has been due to expansion of the domestic routes giving clients the best of its services. The airport covers a wide range on international flights. It covers over 30 destinations across the world. Explore the universe today with Doncaster Sheffield airport flights.

Why book a flight from Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airport

How to check in

The DSA airport has several ways individuals can use to check in. There are also terms and conditions travelers must fulfill during check in. They include the following:

-          You can check in two hours prior flight departure for ticket changes.

-          Online reservations are also available.

-          Booking is done at the airport counters. While making reservations, it is important to include the baggage.

-          Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport early prior flight departure.

Baggage and allowance

The amount of baggage varies with each aircraft. Some aircrafts have small cabin/carriers. Baggage allowance depends on the distance and the type of ticket. Passengers are required to carry a single handbag of at least 10kg. A handbag and laptop bag is allowed for passengers. Some aircrafts for example accept cabin baggage of at least 6 kg. Excess bags charge an extra fee.


Seating onDoncaster Sheffield (DSA) airportdepends on the airplane make. The seats range in terms of inches in width and height. Seats that are near the exit cost more. A passenger can book for a seat in advance. Early bookings allow you to get a discount.

It is important to provide clear details while making reservations. If you are travelling with the elderly, kids or sick people, get clear information from the booking center. 

Booking fee

Booking for flights in Doncaster Sheffield (DSA) airportis simple, fast, and easy. A passenger makes reservations online at the comfort of his/her home. Other third party websites also are at a passenger’s disposal. Online booking is an effective method. It is effortless, convenient, and real time.

Booking fee varies from one passenger to another. This is because of the difference in flight classes. Economy class is cheaper compared to business class.

International and domestic flight charges differ. This is according to the distance and the aircraft. You can change your flight and reservations in case of inconveniences.





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Doncaster Sheffield Airport

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