Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

Discover What Brazil Has To Offer Through Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU) Airport

Otherwise known as Cumbica Airport, this facility is one of the largest international airports in Brazil. It is located at a Brazilian Air base. In 2001, the airport was renamed to GRP Airport. This was in honor of Paulo, a state Governor. Since 2012, a consortium of authorities has been running the airport. These include Infraero, Ivepar SA and a South African Airport Company.


The airport came into existence in 1967. This was after the military Government initiated a study. The study concerned Brazil’s Airport infrastructure. Initially, the airport had three runways. Four passenger terminals operated then. In August 1980, further construction works commenced. It was officially launched in 1985.

Runway extension took place in 1989. During the same period terminals were enlarged and renovated. Passenger capacity then increased to 8.25 million from 7.5 million annually. Subsequent years saw quite commendable rise in the annual capacity.

Plans for a third terminal commenced in 2001. However, political and economic problems dragged the whole process until 2011. By 2010, the airport handled well over 26 million passengers. This marked a 24% increase from the previous years. By then, this presented a shortage of passenger space by 31% because it initially had the capacity for only 20.5 million.


A lot of airlines go through this airport. Whether international or domestic, this air facility handles both passenger and cargo planes. Below is a list of some of the airline that uses the Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport:

·         TAM Cargo

·         Avianca Cargo

·         Turkish Airlines

·          TAP Portugal

·         TAME

·         KLM

·         Korean Air

·         LAN Columbia

·         LAN Argentina

·         Lufthansa

·         Iberia

·         Sky Airline

·         South African Airways

·         Swiss Airlines

·         Singapore Airlines

·         TAAG, Angola Airlines


Due to excellent service delivery, the airport has quite a number of awards in its name. This is courtesy of the dedicated and focused staff at the airport. Some of the awards include:

·         In 2012, the airport received the award for having transported the most passengers.

·         Received the award for the best cargo handler in 2012.

·         Recognized for being the best airport in Latin America.

Routes and Destinations

Several airlines fly through this airport. Both domestic and international carriers utilize it. Planes to over fifty international destinations depart daily. By using air services from this air facility, you can land at any of the following destinations:

·         Buenos Aires

·         Toronto-Pearson

·         Capital Beijing

·         Madrid

·         Rome-Fiumicino

·         Paris

·         Bogota

·         Dallas, Los Angeles

·         Brasilia

·         Paso Fundo

·         Salvador

·         Porto  Alegre

·         Lima

·         London-Heathrow

·         Addis Ababa

·         Abu Dhabi

·         Dubai International

·         Santiago

·         Amsterdam

·         Frankfurt

·         Cascavel

·         Uberaba

Other destinations frequented to from the airport include:

·         Rio de Janeiro

·         Fortaleza, Recife, Manaus

·         Bello Horizonte

·         Alfonso Pena

·         Chicago-O’Hare

·         Quito, Lima

·         Ciudad

As observed, you can land at more other destinations from this air facility. Named above are just but a few of them. Your airline of choice has diverse information on the various cities to visit from this airport.

How to Check-In

Upon entrance at this airport, you will find several desks for customer care. Certainly, one of these desks handles your airline of choice. Apart from this, you can check-in via online. This is the easiest as you can do it at the comfort of your work place or home. Equally, most airlines have designed a program to enable clients check-in via their website. Make sure though that you have your boarding pass at hand before departing to the airport. Airport procedures will be a smooth ride if you have this ticket. It is especially an important document for those with carry-on bags. Mobile apps can also facilitate your check-in. By applying this means, a copy of your boarding pass is sent either as text or email to your browsing devise.

Baggage and Allowance

Most of the airlines here have distinct guidelines. For the purpose of convenience, passengers are advised to check the websites of the airlines for clear information. Otherwise, one checked bag and an extra carry-on bag are allowed across most airlines. Cash should be carried at the owner’s risk. Your airline won’t be liable in case of any inconvenience.


Various airlines use this airport. Seating is not uniform across each airline. Find finer details of this at your airlines’ website. Again, the positions vary greatly according to the class of your flight.

Booking Fee

For the different airline that passes through this airport, booking fee and procedures vary. To avoid inconvenience at the last minute, you are advised to check with you airline. This information can still be found with your travel agency. Contact the agency or your airline to avoid the last minute hassle.










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 Airport Contact Details

Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

CEP 07141-970 Guarulhos,
Sao Paulo,

Tel:+55 (0)11 64452945
Fax:+55 (0)11 64453743


 Location Details

Longitude:46° 28' 59'' W
Latitude:23° 25' 59'' S

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