Geneva International Airport

Geneva International Airport – The airport within 2 countries

Geneva International Airport is the official international airport of Geneva, Switzerland. It is the hub for Swiss International Air Lines, EasyJet Switzerlandand Etihad Regionaland on December 2014 it first reached 15 million passengers.

The design of this airport is really unique as it is at the border between France and Switzerland and it can be accessed from both countries. This aspect makes Geneva a European Union hub even if Switzerland is not a member of the European Union.

The airport is situated 4km away from the city center where is a railway station. More than that before passing through customs you are given a free ticket for the Transport Public Genevois which is available for 60 minutes so you can take the bus to the city without being charged with any additional fee.


The airport was first created in 1919 having wooden sheds that were replaced from 1926 to 1931 by concrete ones. During 1930 there were only six airline that were using the airport. After the first concrete runway was built in 1937 there were eight airlines that were using the airport by 1938: Swissair, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Malert, AB Aerotransport, Alpar and Imperial Airways.

In 1960s the airport was being improved to sustain the jet traffic. The runway was extended to 3900m which is also the today’s length.

From the 1960s to the present several improvements were brought to the airport such as a new runaway being built, two terminals improved and also a new terminal was built and recently a few shops were built, a new restaurant, a new check-in area and a new security checkpoint. Today the airport has two runways and four terminals (three for passenger terminals and one cargo terminal) and it is still in development.


Although this airport is the hub of 3 main airlines we only need to take in consideration the Swiss International Air Lines to see how professional the services of this specific airport are.

The Swiss International Air Lines has a total of 83 aircrafts. Those include airplanes such as: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A340 and Boeing 777.

At the moment the fleet is going through a small change. Each plain is going to be renamed after local towns or cities and the first airplane to suffer this change is going to be the latest addition to the fleet, which is Airbus A330-300.




The Geneva International Airport won in 2009 the Eagle Award desired by many other airports. This award contains numerous recognitions. Their care for their partners is recognized as the Geneva International Airport didn’t take any decision before consulting its partners. Also the low and attractive prices of the airport was recognized as they always try to have the best offers for the public.

Routes and Destinations

The airport has over 123 destinations all over the world in the summer and the number may vary in the winter considering the places which people prefer during that season, those are referred as seasonal flights. The destinations include countries such as: USA, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Egypt or Romania.

Why fly via Geneva International Airport?

How to check-in

As in many other airports here you can check-in as well at the rail station just as you got off your train. Apart from that you can also check-in online and if you don’t have access to the internet you can check-in at the kiosks. At the kiosks you have the fast and easy way of check-in, it is called “Express Check-in”. Those kiosks are located in the main terminal, you can find 24 of them in that particular terminal and you can check-in with your luggage at any of those 24 kiosks.

Baggage and Allowance

The hand luggage should not exceed over 10 kilograms and the dimensions should not be larger than 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm according to the International Air Transport Association’s standard. Liquids should be transported only in small quantities. For any luggage that exceeds those norms additional taxes will be considered. If you have an animal that doesn’t weight more than 5 kg it can be transported in a bag and if he is weighting more than 5 kg you should transport him in a cage sold by the airport.


The seating is pretty simple. It all depends on which airline you are going to travel with. Each airline has its own seating rules.

Booking Fee

The price of one seat may vary depending on what Airline you’re travelling with, date on which the flight is due, if you travel via economy class, where will you travel and on what route, the itinerary of the flight and what services you opt for during flight.

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Geneva Airport

PO Box 100,
Route de l'Aeroport 21,
CH-1215 Geneva 15,

Tel:+41 (0)22 7177111
Fax:+41 (0)22 7984377


Geneva International Airport

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Longitude:6° 6' 37'' E
Latitude:46° 14' 21'' N

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