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Belgaum (IXG) Airport – Small but sufficient

Belgaum Sambre-Belgavi Airport which is also known as Belgavi Airport is located 10 km (6.2 mi) east of Belgavi, Karnataka, India on State Highway 20. The airport is spread over 440 acres. Its airport ramp can handle two ATR-72 aircraft. A second taxiway joining the crisis administration enclave to the primary smock is under development. The enclave will indulge the VIP terminal. Deal with development of the airplane terminal is going full speed ahead. The legislature has obtained 298 sections of land (1.21 km2) of area around the air terminal to hand over to the Airports Authority of India (AAI) for development of the air terminal. The current air terminal building has been overhauled at an expense of Rs 35.7 million.

The overhauls incorporate a ventilated security zone, three registration counters with feeder transport lines, a roomy landing lobby with transports, a VIP room, space for four carrier workplaces, observation CCTV cameras, security control room and stopping office for 50 autos


Belgavi airport is a small airport that can handle only two aircrafts. It is situated at a place in the city where having too many aircrafts would be an issue to the country. It is governed and its operations seen through by airport authorities of India. There have been debates recently on how to expand the airport and the government is at tussle on the piece of land to give so as to expand the airport. The airport has a small runway and it can only handle one or two aircrafts and also the space is not ideal for any additional aircrafts.


The airport is relatively small but it can handle only two aircrafts at a time so it is not possible to have a fleet at their disposal. However the airport still operates with an airline called SpiceJet. The airport cannot handle more than that but upon expansion; it is expected to handle more.


Belgaum airport has been limited in size and having only the size of two aircrafts, it has not attracted any accolades from the international community. However it is a very important airport since it serves a good number of visitors who come visiting the country. It might be limited in size but it serves the little number of passengers effectively without delays or inconveniences. They easily manage the small number of passengers they serve well.

Routes and Destinations

Of the many things that limit Belgaum Airport is size. It is small in size so it cannot handle as many aircrafts; this limits the destinations it can go to all over the world. It is limited to destinations like Bangalore, Chennai, Jabalpur, and Mumbai only. These are national cities that the airport can handle. It is not an international airport but it is a national airport that is very sufficient to the people who live and travel through these for cities.

Why fly through this airport

How to check in

If you want to travel through this airport, you can check in at the airport and make your reservation and booking at the reservations desk. The airport cannot handle many passengers so checking in through a website or online is not convenient to the airport. They recommend that all bookings should be made and confirmed a day or two before the flight’s departure time. Passengers should make sure they have their own boarding pass at least two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure time.

Baggage and Allowance

The airline that operates at Belgaum Airport is strict on the weight limit of the luggage that each passenger should carry. If the weight and size of the baggage exceeds the given one, the passenger is inclined to pay extra for the luggage. Only one bag is allowed with the passenger to the cabin and all the other luggage is taken to the cargo section. Every passenger is requested that he should always confirm the tag on the baggage that they have for easier identification. The baggage is thoroughly checked by the airport’s security before loading it to the airplane for security purposes. After checking the bags and they are found to be okay, the passenger is then given a boarding pass to the aircraft.


The passengers are given seats according to the booking order and also according to the class which they paid for. It is always recommended for the passengers that they should check the seating positions assigned and if there is any confusion or error, they should check in with the airport’s desk for confirmation of their seats. Seats are assigned after booking and paying all the payments at the airport.

Booking Fee

Because there is only one airline operating through the airport, the booking fees do not vary and they are constant. The passengers should check with the airports reservations desk and confirm the booking fees of the airlines when booking their flights.

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