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Khartoum (KRT) International Airport – The Best Way To Discover The Horn Of Africa

Khartoum (KRT) International airport lies in Khartoum city in Sudan on a latitude of 15.589490, 32.553162 longitude and at a height of 1265 above sea level. HSSS is its ICAO code while KRT is its IATA code. Boeings, Embraer, Airbuses, and helicopters are some of the fleets at this airport. This airport is one of the oldest and largest in Central Africa.

Khartoum Airport serves countries from Africa, Europe, and Asia. There are around 30 destinations worldwide served by this airport. It is both a domestic and an international airport.

The civil Association and Sudanese Government own the airport. The Khartoum airport works in alliance with other airports such as Dubai, Jommo Kenyatta, and Doha International airports.

Several people acquire their daily income from the jobs at this airport. The Khartoum International airport commenced commercial operations immediately upon its formation. It was purely for domestic purpose but upon expansion, it sent it flights to Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi among other destinations.

Upon the expansion of the airport, its services improved greatly to cater for over 30 destinations worldwide.


Airbuses, Embraer and Boeings are some of the fleets present at the Khartoum International airport. The airlines here are Yemenia, Turkish, Tarco, Saudia, Royal Jordania, Flynas, emirates, and Badr airlines among others.

These airlines serve over thirty destinations worldwide. Khartoum boasts of having the best and youngest fleets worldwide. The airport is on frequent expansion and acquisition of some of the newest fleets in the market with the help of other airports. The fleets at this airport do not go more than 5 years before replacement. Replacement is to prevent frequent accidents of the flights.


The Khartoum International airport tries to give the best to its customers while minimizing air pollution. International community and individuals recognizes the efforts of the airport mainly through awards and accolades. Some of the awards the Khartoum international airport has received are:

-          The Aga Khan Award for Architecture

It is worth noting that there are no serious awards mentionable since most of them are minor.

Routes and Destinations

Flights from the Khartoum International airport take different and diverse routes to reach specific destinations. Just to mention a few of these routes are Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, Dubai, England, and Bangkok among other countries. Benghazi, Sharja, El Fasher, Cairo, Dubai, Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Bahrain, Nairobi, Beirut, Nyala, Doha, Jeddah, and Sana’a are some of the popular cities that flights from here fly to.

How to Check-In

Before 2005, checking in was more than casual. Having a luggage meant queuing with your luggage. This could mean that you terribly tired. You could spend decades before arriving at the check-in counter.

However, things changed for the best. Nowadays, Khartoum international airport offers various ways to check-in. Some of which are:

            - You can personally walk in to the airport. This closes 40 and 30 minutes prior to departure for the domestic and international flights respectively.

            - You can call the Airport agents and check- in with them at any time so long as it is within stipulated time.

            - You can also log into the internet and check-in. This should take place earlier because of convenience.

Baggage and Allowance

All airports have allowance for up to some specific weight. When the weight of a luggage exceeds the recommended ones, you have to pay for it. If your luggage is very huge, then it means that you transfer them to the cargo area of your airline. Cargos are not for passenger planes but for the cargo airlines like Turkish, Saudia, Qatar, Martinair, Etihad, Ethiopian, Emirates, and Egypt cargo airlines. The best way to pay for baggage is when one is booking his or her ticket online. There are specifications of baggage weights that upon selections direct you on amount chargeable.


The Seats at the Khartoum international airports are available in different classes. The classes are economy and business. The seating options are different as per the airline you choose.

            - Embraer 190 has 36 by 20 inches 9 Business class seats and 88 seats measuring 31 by 18.2 inches in economy class.

            - Boeing aircrafts has 16 to 30 business seats each measuring 57 to 59 inches by 21 to 21.4 inches. In the economy classes are 150 to 193 seats each 32 by 18.1 inches.

            - Airbus carriers have 16 to 28 business class seats each measuring 37 by 21 inches and 132 to 150 economy seats measuring 30 by 35 inches.

Booking Fee

The booking fee for the various airlines within the Khartoum International airport is different. It depends on factors like the aircraft type, weather, and available customer services.







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