Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport

Gran Canaria Las Palmas (LPA)- Your Ideal Entryway to Spain

This is a freight and passenger airport. It is located on Gran Canarias Island. It handles a great part of air transport in Spain. A public enterprise manages and owns this entity. The airport ranks fifth overall in terms of cargo and passenger transport. In operation, it ranks fourth overall. In 2011 alone, more than ten million customers went through it. This converts to 11.1% compared to previous years. It serves as a connecting zone to most of West African passengers.

It is the operative base for Naysar, Rynair airways, Norwegian Air and Binter Canarias. Chartered flights to Gambia and Cape Verde have a base in this airport. It is an alternative landing site for NASA. This was until the 2011 July space shuttle program.


Official operation was commissioned on 7th April 1930. King Alfonso XIII announced the military out of this base. He ordered the field to become a civilian airfield. In 1946, an old passenger terminal was created. An operational runway was constructed in 1958. Further improvements to this airfield happened in 1963. A transmission station was opened in 1964. Completion of a new control tower was in 1966 and replaced that of 1946. A modern passenger terminal construction began in 1970. This was commissioned and began operations in 1973.

Consequently, construction of a runway commenced. This later became functional in 1989. Due to demand, the terminal was expanded in 1991. Rynair announced opening of three bases on these Islands. From Gran Canaria, Rynair currently operates 30 routes. This airport is presently under renovation. The need for more baggage belts and check-in counters has led to this move. Plans are also underway for a new runway.


The airport handles large number of planes. All cargo planes comfortably land here. There are always over 300 planes on standby. No type of plane has reported hardship in landing in the recent past. A number of vehicles are also located at the airport. These are either private cars or commuter service vehicles.


This airport has won some awards over the years. An impressive customer service is the main reason for these many accolades. It has thus resulted in awards like,

Ø  It has been voted thrice as the airport of the year. The increase in number of passengers led to this award.

Ø   Awarded best performing business entity. This is because of skillful staff who understand service delivery.

Ø  Awarded for the ability to handle more customers. Thanks to the improvements in infrastructure and expansion of facilities.

Routes and Destinations

This airport can handle each type of plane. Dream liners, cargo planes and any type of carriers land and take off easily. One can catch a flight to almost everywhere from this airport. Several cargo planes leaves on a daily basis. Passenger planes to Spain, Portugal and Poland are unlimited. A lot of connecting flights exist too. The airport serves as a center where people from all over the world can mingle.

Why use this airport

How to check- In

There are various check- in options before your actual flight.

·         Manual check-in is where you present yourself. This is the best because one actually confirms the flight details and can make inquiries.

·         In mobile check -in, an application on your phone aids in confirming your status. One has to ensure that it is done two weeks before the actual flight. The airport management will not be responsible for inconveniences caused.

·         The online check-in is the simplest. Remember it can cause inconveniences too. One has to ensure that the process has gone through. Otherwise, do not get surprised to miss your name on that important list.

Baggage and Allowance

More airlines operate through the airport. Baggage and allowance rules depend on the carrier you choose. For security purpose, the airport steps in. Before reaching the airside, a number of security checks are done. This is to ensure everyone’s security. The airport does not allow explosive materials through. All medical substances in your possession should be reported prior to your flight.

Booking Fee

Booking fees vary with your airline. Most of the airlines through this airport offer affordable fees. There is also preference in flight types. All the way from first class flight to economy class. Each of the classes here has different fees when booking. The airport gives directions to relevant booking offices. Therefore, your airline determines the amount to pay upon booking a flight.


The type of seating in the airport is well designed. Spacious seats are placed in waiting rooms for passengers as they wait to take off. An equally spaced room with similar seat awaits alighting passengers. A passenger can take a nap as he awaits transport out of the airport. For flight seating, it depends on the airline of your choice. There are various seating arrangements on every airline.









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Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport
Tel:902 404 704


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Longitude:15° 23' 4'' W
Latitude:27° 55' 57'' N
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