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The SGN airport is the biggest international airport in Vietnam. It was the first private airport in Vietnam. The airport code SNG is derived from Saigon city. This airport has grown tremendously over the years.

Although the airport is growing rapidly, it is difficult for expansion to take place. This is due to its crowded location. The airport is located 8 kilometers from the center of the city.

The major runways operated by Ho Chi Minh airstrip are two. Yearly, these terminals offer services to over 20.1 million passengers. The SGN airport is home to many airlines flying to international destinations.   

The SGN airport has two terminals. These terminals provide passenger services in both international and domestic routes. The plans of Ho Chi Minh airstrip are to enlarge its terminals in order to cater for all passengers’ needs.


Construction of Ho Chi Minh airstrip aimed at providing flights across the world. This factor mainly targeted expansion of network in Asian countries. In 2008, Brian Presbury was selected as the airports’ CEO.

The approval of operation of Ho Chi Minh airstrip received recognition in 2007. In 2011, the airport was recognized as the second private airport. It provided domestic services around Vietnam.

Several reasons led to a delay of the maiden carrier’s launch. This included slowdown of the global economy. The branding of the Viet Jet could not be resolved. This led to flights being called off.

The launching of the first flight later took place in 2011. The airport was able to expand its services. In 2013, the airport launched the first international flight. In 2014, over 10 million passengers took flight at SGN airport.In the same year, the 63A320 Airbusaircraft was introduced.

Several developments have taken place over the years. The airport has advanced its services. This has allowed it to cover at least six international and 13 domestic destinations. Today passengers can access modern facilities.


Ho Chi Minh airstrip contains a fleet of aircraft that carry a different number of passengers. They offer services to clients across different nations. The airport has aircrafts like 777-26K(ER) Boeing servicing Vietnam Airlines. Other Boeing aircrafts include 777-212(ER), A320-214 and A321-231 Airbus. The airport also hosts the 787-8 Boeing Dreamliners. Ho Chi Minh airstrip has recently increased the number of aircrafts.


Having a great flight experience,Ho Chi Minh airstrip has earned recognition across the world. This airport has received awards and recognitions that include:

-          The airport was recognized as the first private airline in Vietnam.

Routes and destinations

The services of Ho Chi Minh airstrip have advanced. This has enabled the airport to cover many destinations. Ho Chi Minh airstrip flights provide services across six destinations. Domestic destinations covered from this airport are 13.

Why take flights at Ho Chi Minh airport

How to check- in

Ho Chi Minh airstrip operates with moderation. All clients are able to access comfortable fare charges. For reservations and booking of flight at SGN airport, passengers can check- in through:

-          Logging online to book seats and flight reservations. The web operates throughout. Online reservations are cheap and time saving

-          Any flights for passengers boarding internationally are booked from the international terminals.

-          Make inquiries on the luggage that you will take with your flight.  

-          Passengers are allowed to make calls for booking and reservation.

-          Provide your identification documents at the airport before your flight takes over. 

Baggage and allowance

It is very important to consider your baggage while taking flight at SGN airport. Different airlines have baggage rules. Every cabin has a limit on the quantity of luggage.

Notify the airport if you need to carry a luggage that exceeds 40 pounds. You will be charged extra fee for extra luggage.

The airport allows one a single carry-on baggage. Passengers are advised to check- in extra baggage. This exercise should be done prior to the flight.


Seating in aircrafts at theHo Chi Minh airstrip is different. The different airlines provide different seating class. Economic class aircrafts seating is different from that of business class.

The flight ticket you book determines your seat.  

Booking fee

Ho Chi Minh airstrip booking and reservation is simply through the counters. Early passenger reservations earn one a discount.

Online reservation is the best option. It saves you time and money.

Passengers can cancel their trips, change their flight reservations and dates. Small kids are not charged at the SGN airport.

The airport offers discounts on different occasions and seasons. You only need to make early reservation and enjoy this service.
















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Ho Chi Minh City Airport

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