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Sultan Bantilan Airport – Fly safe into the exotic

Sultan Bantilan Airport which is also known as Lalos Airport is an airport located on the island Sulawesi in Indonesia nearby the city Toli-Toli.

The airport is supposedly pretty small and it serves only for a few flights. The elevation is of 2 meters and it has currently one runway which is 1.950 meters long. It doesn’t have many facilities as its purpose is for small and short flights.

If you need to reach the city Toli-Toli you can easily do that via the Toli-Toli Transport, beside of that you can also travel by one of the following buses: BUS Harapan Jaya, BUS Damri and BUS Shantika. You can also travel by car or by motorcycle since you have a road that leads to Toli-Toli.


There isn’t much to say about the airport’s history as it is relatively new. It was built by the authorities in order to increase the income of the nearby cities and because those cities were in desperate need of having a fast and easy way to reach the Mutiara SIS Al-Jufrie Airport which was located near the city Palu. From this airport passengers had more possibilities of travelling and the facilities were better.



The airport is used by only two airlines due to its few destinations. The airlines are XpressAir and SMAC. XpressAir has at the moment in use three Boeing 737-200, five Boeing 737-300, two Boeing 737-500 and two Dornier 328-100 making it a total of 12 aircrafts.

The other airline, SMAC, has in its fleet two Indonesian Aerospace 212-100, one de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300 and one Britten-Norman BN2A Islander.


Due to the fact that the airport has very neglecting dimensions and no important facilities it never received any award nor ranked in any top. The authorities didn’t plan to make this airport an important one with many flights per week. It was designed to be simple, easy to access and to be practical, to achieve its role of connecting the people from the extreme south of the island with the other airports nearby and it did exactly that since there were no reported incidents that ended with deaths.

Routes and Destinations

The destinations you have starting from this airport are so few that you can count them on the fingers. XpressAir offers routes to and from Buol, Palu and Makassar as the other airline available, SMAC, can get you only to Buol or Palu and from there you have to change your flight in order to go to the desired destination you have in mind. The transfer however is very fast and easy and the flight itself doesn’t take long as those airports are close one to each other.

Why fly via Sultan Bantilan Airport?

How to Check-In

Your only wait of checking-in is at the airport at the special stands that serve to that exact purpose. It doesn’t take long as the airport is not crowded, very few people travelling via it.

Baggage and Allowance

Depending on which airline you choose to travel with you have certain rules that you must respect. In order to be aware of what you bring and what you can’t bring on the airport you must contact your airline to which your flight is booked and ask them for the exact weight which your hand luggage can have, what objects are banned from the airport and what is the fee for extra luggage that exceeds the weight allowed for free.


The seating again depends on which airline you’re travelling with.

Here is the seating plan for the XpressAir’s aircrafts:

-          Boeing 737-200 has a typical single class seating for 115, max seating for 130 at 74cm (29in) pitch;

-          Boeing 737-300 has 137 stand seats for the economy class;

-          Boeing 737-500 has 122 standard seats still at the economy class;

-          Dornier 328-100 is a small aircraft that has between 30 and 33 seats.

The other airline, SMAC has the following seating plan:

-          Indonesian Aerospace 212-100 can carry up to 24 passengers at only one class;

-          de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 300 has a max capacity of passengers of 20;

-          Britten-Norman BN2A Islander has a capacity of 9 passengers at its best.

Booking fee

The booking fee highly depends on the airlines as well as your destination, route, airplane, date of the flight and the itinerary of the flight. Due to the fact that SMAC has small aircrafts those tend to be cheaper than the ones that are used by XpressAir since they use big aircrafts such as Boeing 737. But if you prefer a quiet and relaxing flight it is recommended to choose to travel via XpressAir since they are the safest Indonesian airline out there.

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