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Unique visa free destinations

The Indian passport may be notoriously tricky to travel with, but there are still exotic destinations travellers can pack their bags and explore, sans visa. Skyscanner has done the hard work for travellers still planning their 2017 getaways and brought together five destinations India passport holders can tick off their bucket lists without the hassle of applying for visas. Start searching now

Trending destinations from India for 2018

Return One way Multi-city From Add nearby airports Click here to swap locations To Add nearby airports Depart Return Cabin Class & Travellers ▼ Direct flights only Search flights Any traveller will tell you, as soon as you tick one destination off of your bucket list, there’s another 10 already added. Well, we’re about to make that list a little longer with Skyscanner India’s must visit destinations for 2018. We’ve looked at where you, our dear users, have been searching over the past couple of years to find the destinations that we predict will be HUGE in 2018. As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, we can also tell you the best time to book your flights for the best fares.

Revealed: Best time to book flights from India

Are you looking forward to a vacation abroad this year? Well, there is no time like the present to start planning! The first thing you need to do is to book your flight tickets and, lucky for you, Skyscanner is on hand with all the insider tips you need to get the best deal on your flights. We’ve crunched the numbers to find out when is the best time to book flights to India’s favourite rising destinations.

What do Millennial Travellers want?

Millennials are a hot topic of conversation, mostly for their relationships with smart phones and obsession with posting on Instagram, but did you know Millennials are the largest generation on the planet? There’s over 400 million Millennials in India alone. They influence each other’s decisions as they put their lives on social media in a way no other generation has seen. The pressure and desire to travel has evolved from a luxury or privilege among older generations to a point where overseas travel is seen as a right. Investigating this evolution, Skyscanner India found out what Millennials want from travel, so here it is in their own words.

Travel Alert for Bali | Mount Agung Volcano

  • 29 November 2017: Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport reopens27 November 2017: Lombok’s International Airport reopens after a brief closure due to volcano eruption on BaliWhat to do if you are stuck in Bali: if you are affected by airport closures in Bali and surrounding islands and need consular support, you can contact the nearest Indian Embassy in Jakarta or the Consular General of India in BaliAlternative airports: Lombok International (Praya Airport) is 122km from Bali, from here you can access Bali by boat transfer. If you’ve been following the news recently, you would have heard about Bali’s Mount Agung. The Indonesian island’s volcano started to worry travellers as far back as September 2017, when tremors were felt in the area and local residents evacuated. In late October 2017 the threat of level an eruption was downgraded from a 4 (the highest level) to a 3. However, over the weekend Mount Agung began spewing ash and smoke, and the threat level was once again raised to a 4. What does this mean for travellers and is it safe to visit Bali?

Escape the monsoon – where to next?

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. Or don’t, that would be even better! We’ve just about had it with India’s monsoon season this year, carrying umbrellas everywhere, mad traffic in all directions, puddle-dodging and soggy feet have long lost their novelty. Yes, you might argue it’s better than sweltering in the summer sun, but we’re well and truly over monsoon. That’s why Skyscanner India have found destinations with less rain than Delhi in August to help you escape the monsoon! Plan your monsoon escape here

Best time to book: how to get the best deal on flights

Domestic and international flight prices change so often, it’s hard for even the most savvy traveller to tell if they’re getting the best deal on flights. We’re here to let you into a big secret…there isn’t a magic formula! Sadly, the truth about getting a good deal on flights is, flight prices change all the time. BUT…Skyscanner is here to help! We’ve analysed two years worth of flight prices to find out when is the best time to book flights to your favourite destinations from India!

The ultimate checklist for your dad’s suitcase this Father’s Day

If you’re struggling to find a Father’s Day gift for your travel mad dad, Skyscanner can help. Step away from the chocolate gift box and no, not another golfing gift for dad this year. Think outside the [gift] box and put a smile on your Dad’s face with this round up of the top travel gifts for Dads on Amazon Make sure your Daddy’s suitcase is packed with these essential travel gadgets and gizmos before his next trip, from flight apps to travel jackets and the best travel pillows the internet has to offer – Skyscanner and Amazon have got you covered.

Airplane Etiquette: are you a well behaved passenger?

They say it’s not the destination but the journey that makes the travel worthwhile, but avid travellers will know that’s not always the case when it comes to flying. Unruly children, chatty neighbours and armrest hoggers can quickly turn a short flight to paradise into your worst nightmare. Skyscanner finds out what really grinds your gears when travelling.