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6 Best clubs in Goa to match your party type

1. Waters beach lounge and grill Waters beach lounge and grill hosts the famous Sunburn music festival’s after-parties. It helps that there’s an amazing beach…

11 secret beaches in Goa

Escape the crowds of Colva, Calangute and Anjuna by visiting these unexplored Goa beaches instead.

10 best places to eat in Puducherry

Where else in India can you find croissants, éclairs and quiche served at almost every cafe? Discover the French colonial past of Puducherry (or Pondicherry,if you prefer) through its food, or just check out these Skyscanner recommendations for where to eat and even to get the best South Indian food in this little coastal town!

10 incredible destinations for spicy food lovers

Have a craving for sweat-inducing spicy food that will set your tongue aflame, tear up your eyes and get your heart racing a mile a minute? Well, just how far are you willing to travel to satisfy your chilly and spice addiction? Check out this Skyscanner list of countries and dishes, which are sure to heat things up:

Wines, spirits and cocktails to try on your Goa holiday

Put a twist in your Goa holiday by trying a feni cocktail or tasting local King’s beer

8 places to eat authentic Goan food on your Goa holiday

Wondering where to eat authentic Goan food on your Goa holiday? Read on! Wining and dining are significant parts of Goan lifestyle, so don’t miss out on some great local food favourites during your stay. The most popular local drinks, besides beer, are Port wine and spirits like Urrac and Feni. Goa may be a place for meat-lovers with an endless selection of non-veg favourites like Chicken Cafreal, Mutton Xacuti and Pork Vindaloo on offer, but don’t be surprised to find that it has great food to suit all palates. Popular among locals but lesser known to tourists are the Goan-Hindu vegetarian preparations that will keep you addicted, like Vegetable Caldinha and Prawn and Ladyfingers curry. Order pao bread, local poi or steamed sanna to go with your meals. Of course, no Goa trip is complete without trying the seafood. Skyscanner India has recommendations for all the best places where you can get these dishes. Read on!

5 of the world’s most secluded hotels

Looking for a romantic getaway in utter seclusion? Go off-radar while basking in luxury and comfort at these hotel getaways.

Holiday break in your city: Mumbai

From Bollywood to beaches to choose from, make your Mumbai staycation a memorable one with these ideas from Skyscanner