COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may impact your travel plans. Wherever you're going, you'll find the latest advice here.

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Coronavirus travel questions: Your COVID-19 queries answered

We answer the questions travellers are seeking answers to including quarantine hotels, staycations, and when you can travel again.

From ‘sanitagged’ luggage to facial recognition at boarding – 10 travel technologies you can expect to see post-COVID

From ‘sanitagged’ luggage to facial recognition at boarding here are 10 travel technologies you can expect to see post-COVID.

The new world of hotels: What your hotel stay will be like during coronavirus

As people all over the world consider booking hotels once again, hygiene, safety and flexibility have become of paramount importance. We’re looking at the future…

Here are the 8 travel trends that are about to hit your Insta feed

With the current restrictions on indoor activities, it’s no surprise that the great outdoors is one of the summer’s fastest-rising travel trends.

Tips for flying during coronavirus: essential face mask information

Face masks have become a new obligation for most air travel. Learn more about when and how you need to wear one, and where to buy your own.

How safe is flying during Coronavirus?

You might be dreaming about your next trip – but how safe is it to fly right now? We explain what airports and airlines are doing to make travel safer and the steps you can take to reduce the risks while travelling.

Travel bubbles and corridors: What they mean and the plans for the Trans-Tasman bubble, Singapore-China bubble, and EU corridors

What are these so-called travel bubbles you’ve been hearing so much about? We explore what they mean and what impact they’ll have on your travel plans.

Future of air travel: Flying after COVID-19 lockdown

As things start to look up and travel is getting ready for take-off once more, just how different will it be post COVID-19? Discover how travel will evolve in this first instalment of the series.

Your biggest language-learning questions answered by the linguists at Babbel

We’ve all been there. You’re planning a trip to a foreign country, watching a foreign film or overhearing a multilingual friend on the phone and…