Author: Rohan Pasricha

Top budget friendly destinations for your rupee!

Contrary to popular perception, the rupee does go a long way when you’re travelling. Well, maybe not in the United Kingdom, the United States, Dubai or Singapore, but there are many other countries around the world that qualify under ‘affordable international travel’ for Indians. Check out these places handpicked by Skyscanner, where you can make the most of your rupee!

Visa-friendly: 6 Instagram-worthy things to do in Langkawi

Malaysia is famous for its beauty and nowhere in the country is the laid back, rural Malay way of life embodied better than in Langkawi. So beautiful that its official title is actually Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah. Langkawi has its fair share of resorts, malls, shopping, and spas, but underneath it all, the region has managed to preserve an easy-going serenity that you won’t find anywhere else. You’re spoilt for choice here, whether you want breathtaking beaches, jungles that look like they’ve come from another planet, bridges in the sky, or underwater vistas – Skyscanner’s list of Langkawi’s top attractions should help you take in the best of all that this stunning destination has to offer! Search flights to Langkawi

Hong Kong: Top 5 things to do

Creating the right blend of ultra-modern and retaining historic culture is the aim of every city, but few manage to achieve it as effortlessly as Hong Kong. Whether visiting to admire Hong Kong Island’s Skyline, shopping in Kowloon or exploring the hiking trails of the 263 outlying islands, Hong Kong is a great destination for Indian travellers wanting a taste of something different and it’s visa-free (with pre-arrival registration)! Skyscanner lists some of the best things to do in the city. Search flights to Hong Kong here

10 tips for a flight upgrade!

Skyscanner have compiled a few tips that might just get you upgraded – if it’s your lucky day! We’ve all felt it – that feeling when you’re approaching the check in counter with an economy ticket in your hand, hoping that you’ll get an upgrade to business, or if you’re luckier, first class. If nothing else, at least premium economy!

Top 5 things to do in Toronto

What if you find yourself in a place for the first time, and you know only one language? Well, chances are high that it won’t be much of a problem if the place you’re in happens to be Toronto, Canada – where more than 140 languages are spoken, thanks to its many inhabitants who come from… everywhere! The city offers an experience equivalent to some of the world’s best cities, from sightseeing and shopping to adventure sports and nightspots. The best time to visit? Right now, when the weather is still averaging a ‘just right’ 18 degrees. Toronto experiences a rather biting winter, and the months of December, January, February and March witness temperatures plummeting to as low as -3 degrees. ## Skyscanner’s month view helps you find those days where tickets to Toronto are at their lowest ever prices. Depending on your travel dates, we can even help you to get alerts when there is a change in ticket prices, so you can make an informed decision. See our simple explanation of using this tool here. ## A list of things to do in Toronto can be exhaustive since the city simply has so much to offer. So the following is simply a guide of 5 must-visit places, so don’t return home until you’ve seen these at least – and then if your schedule permits, stay back to see some more!

GST impact on your travel plans

If you have even a passing interest in current affairs, you’re sure to have heard about GST or Goods and Services Tax – which aims to simplify India’s tax structure through streamlining all central and state indirect taxes, and bringing them under one umbrella. However, along with the convenience, many have expressed concerns over the increase in tax rates for certain sectors, including travel and hospitality, and how it is likely to push prices upwards – the brunt of which is likely to be borne by consumers too. ## However, here at Skyscanner, we advise you to fret not and unabashedly let the inner Columbus in you plan your next voyage. For in the worst case scenario for the travel sector, which is a doubling of the current tax rate (calculated on base fare) to 18%, air ticket prices are likely to cost you only Rs 400 more – which arguably is nothing really to be overly concerned about. Especially when it comes to air travel where airlines are constantly competing for lower fares. ## So with the math out of the way, Skyscanner lists three top domestic and international destinations from our in-house research data. These much-loved places are always in demand so ensure that you book in advance – and in the bargain save those pre-GST 400 rupees for some grub at the airport!

Top 5 Monsoon Getaways from Mumbai

That time of the year is here. When temperatures come crashing down. When the muddy aroma from the earth fills the senses. When couples are seen sharing corn on the cob by the waterfront. When children, nearing the end of their summer vacation, are seen jumping into puddles and making a splash everywhere. When Mumbai’s officegoers, known for always being in hurry, slow down – albeit momentarily – to appreciate the beauty of the first few rain drops. ## The monsoons have arrived and while Mumbai looks pretty during this time of the year, the traffic snarls and poor roads can test even the most zen-like souls out there. So Skyscanner lists 5 of the best destinations not too far from Mumbai where the monsoons can be enjoyed in all its wet glory.

An interview with the celebrated yoga guru Shameem Akhtar

Hear the word India, and you instantly conjure up images of its bucolic life, the pandemonium of its many cities, and religious symbolism at every corner. But above all, you think of the rich culture that is associated with this country, and deep rooted within this culture is one of the most ancient mind-body, holistic practices – Yoga. In an era of fad diets, six pack abs and size zero figures stands this gentle form of exercise – which has stood the test of time. ## On World Yoga Day, Skyscanner got in touch with Shameem Akhtar, one of the most renowned yoga practitioners in the island city of Mumbai, for her insights into what Yoga is all about, the different kinds of Yoga, her favourite destinations for Yoga practice, and some on-the-go exercises for frequent travellers.

Wedding photographer’s list of picturesque places

When one thinks of picturesque wedding locations, the Rajasthani cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur spring to the mind. Or down south in Kerala – amidst the beautiful backwaters. But these places come steep, so Skyscanner got in touch with popular wedding photographer, Parag Aurora, for his list of picturesque wedding locations, which won’t exactly break the bank. For the single and already married ones out there, we list the places within these cities that are worth checking out.