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Long weekend travel planning

Skyscanner India brings to you a list of perfect long weekends and getaways that will help make 2018 a year punctuated with regular vacations!

How Skyscanner works: does Skyscanner process my payment when I book flights?

Curious to know where your money goes after you find a flight with Skyscanner? Want to know if Skyscanner plays any role in processing your payment? Read on to find out all this and learn ways to save on your flight ticket costs.

Things you must pack for your Goa trip

Beach essentials to make your Goa trip a breeze – and super stylish! Goa is the perfect ‘anytime’ beach vacation. But to make sure that you have just fun and no sunburn on your relaxing beach holiday, pack these must-carry beach holiday items listed by Skyscanner India in your shopping list for beach season!

7 Places To Visit In Chennai

Chennai, one of the most popular gateways to South India and offers a number of places to visit in and around the city. Think ancient temples, golden sandy stretches and a walk down colonial history, as this was an important hold of the British. Find flights to Chennai

Where to go on vacation in December

The holidays are here! Join the hordes of travelers gleefully packing their bags to escape wherever it is that they live; for a break from the usual humdrum. Winter vacation in December is about stepping out for the few days around Christmas and the new year. Skyscanner takes a look at where Indians are headed to this year end. Read on for some up season domestic and international destinations that are winter favourites for 2018.

7 Things To Do In Chennai

7 Things To Do In Chennai Skyscanner offers a number of options for the traveller to marvel at, including choc-a-bloc markets, day trips to UNESCO world heritage sites, weaving villages, some ‘tick off the list options’ and some that only an insider would know. Find flights to Chennai

Best Time To Visit Maldives

When To Go To Maldives There may be two most pertinent reasons for someone to visit Maldives – unwinding by the beach and hitting the ocean for water sports. Skyscanner helps you plan the ideal time and season to visit Maldives to make the best use of your time there. Find flights to Maldives

10 Places To Visit In Pune

About Pune The Maharashtran city of Pune is an important education and now IT hub, with an abiding urban vibe. Remnants of the medieval history of Pune add varied dimensions and amplify its historical legacy. Find flights to Pune

Best Time To Visit Ladakh

Planning For Ladakh The region is considered exciting for travellers for numerous reasons. It doesn’t have the crush of tourists as many other destinations, it is considered a rite of passage for bikers who make their way from Manali to Leh on road and offers a number of cultural experiences, especially at the time of festivals. Find flights to Ladakh