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Best time to visit Shimla

The summer months (March to June) are considered the best to visit Shimla as the weather is perfect to explore outdoor activities such as trekking and river rafting. During the winter season (October to February), Shimla is covered in a glossy blanket of snow that spells romance. This season offers ample opportunities to snuggle cosily with your loved one or explore skiing and ice-skating.

Best Time To Visit Kerala

The When’s And What’s Of Planning A Trip To Kerala Skyscanner puts all your worries of planning a trip to Kerala, to rest. This small slice of Southern Indian has so much to offer, that is it overwhelming to plan accommodation, activities and more importantly, the time period that you should travel in. Find flights to Kerala

Things to do in Coimbatore

Nestled comfortably at the foothills of Ooty lies one of South India’s most peaceful cities – Coimbatore. An integral part of India’s ever growing success story, Coimbatore has earned itself several monikers, the most notable ones being ‘Manchester of South India’ owing to its cotton production and textile industries, and ‘Pump City’ since it meets 50% of India’s demand for motors and pumps. Economics aside, this city has a lot to offer to tourists. Oh, and it also has the enviable reputation of being the safest city in India. Skyscanner India lists the best things to do when you visit Coimbatore. P.s…Before you book tickets, don’t forget to check out Skyscanner’s month view feature that helps you find those days where tickets to Coimbatore are at their lowest. We can even alert you when there’s a change in ticket prices. Find out about Price Alerts here.

Top 5 theme parks in Mumbai

India’s biggest city and financial capital isn’t just all about business. There’s plenty of entertainment on offer too, if you know where to go! When you’re done with leisurely checking out the famous touristy landmarks of Mumbai such as Gateway of India, Haji Ali, and Dhobi Ghat, get a dose of adrenaline at these amusement parks:

Top 5 things to do in Sariska

A wildlife sanctuary smack in the middle of a desert state? Sheltered by the Aravalli hills, Sariska is home to acres of lush forest, within which is India’s only tiger reserve that has successfully relocated tigers to rebuild a declining population. Home to the majestic Bengal tiger, Sariska is often underrated – but the wily traveller will mark this gorgeous destination as an unusual treat to the senses. Skyscanner highlights the 5 best things to do in Sariska.

15 visa-free countries for Indians in the Americas and the Caribbean

Planning a vacation but scared off by the visa paper work? Help is close at hand. There are roughly 15 countries in the Americas and the Caribbean that don’t require you to stand in long visa lines. Take a look at Skyscanner’s list of destinations that are visa-free or offer the convenient visa-on-arrival to Indians. Start searching now!

Visa free destinations: your complete guide to Bali

If you’re travelling to Bali for business or pleasure, you’d like to know all about its cuisine, accommodation options, and activities that you can participate in, including shopping. We’ve got you covered! Skyscanner lists everything you should know before you make your first visit to this magnificent island.

Travelling to Dubai? Find out about the new Baggage Rules at Dubai International Airport

If you’re flying through Dubai International Airport then you’ll need to be up-to-speed with their new baggage rules, which came into effect on March 8 2017. To make sure you don’t fall foul, we’ve outlined what’s allowed and what’s not:

Best destinations to welcome 2017

At Skyscanner, our travel recommendations are always based on what you, the voyager, is really looking for. Based on extensive research data, our team has zeroed in on top destinations to visit this New Year’s. Here’s our list of the trending international and domestic destinations that are popular among travellers, along with quick recommendations of what to do when you’re there.