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Car Hire in Agartala

Car Hire in Agartala

When looking to hire a car in Agartala, Balaji Car Rentals offers both full- and half-day rental options. You can choose from sedans, vans, and SUVs. Swasti Travels is a travel company that offers car and coach rentals when you need to rent a car in Agartala. You can choose from luxury cars, minivans, SUVs, and pickups. In addition, there are even buses that can be rented for larger travel groups. There are options for pick-up at the Agartala Airport (IXA) as well as each company's location. The need to hire a car in Agartala can be easily handled.

Car Hire at Agartala Airport

Agartala Airport (IXA) will be where you land in this city. This airport features two restaurants and a shopping area. You can find a car for hire in the Agartala Airport thanks to the fact that they offer their own rental service.

You'll only need to drive about 20 minutes to reach the center of Agartala from the airport. Driving on Bamutiya Road is the preferred route for getting to Agartala's downtown area.

Driving in Agartala

The biggest adjustment you'll need to make in Agartala is driving on the left side of the road. In general, most street signs will have the same pictures you see in the United States. Highway speed limits are, on average, about 65 miles per hour.

Drive to Ujjayanta Palace, a museum that provides plenty of artwork to enjoy. Here, you can also learn about the historical significance of Agartala. Ujjayanta Palace is a massive building, so you'll want to wear comfortable shoes when you visit. This palace is only 19 minutes away from Agartala Airport.

Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is a large zoo that has exotic animals in their natural habitat. This sanctuary features an open environment that is accented by beautiful native greenery. Visiting the Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is a great idea for both individuals and families. Having a car rental in Agartala will be essential to make this trip as the sanctuary is about an hour away from Agartala Airport.

Parking in Agartala

Entry fees for most businesses around Agartala will only be about 12 pence. In addition, hourly parking fees on streets will amount to about the same. Parking garages may have additional fees, depending on how long you are parked.

Where to Go and What to See in Agartala

The short drive to get to the heart of Agartala makes day-tripping a breeze. After collecting your car for hire in Agartala, drive down Bamutiya Road where you will arrive at Ujjayanta Palace. You can choose to take Vidhyasagar Road to see the beautiful College Tilla Lake. In addition, there are many restaurants and shops that are unique to Agartala along this road.

A successful car rental in Agartala ensures you can travel distances that most taxis wouldn't offer. Consider making time to rent a car in Agartala to make the hour-long drive to Sipahijala Wildlife Sanctuary to end your day.

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