Flights to Amritsar

The Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport - sometimes also known as the Raja Sansi International Airport - serves the city of Amritsar in the state of Punjab in northwest India. Named after the founder of Amritsar and fourth Sikh Guru Ram Das, the airport consists of 2 terminals and offers both domestic and international flights to cities all over the world, including Singapore, London, Toronto and many more. Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Airport is today one of the fastest growing airports in India, with the sacred temples and religious sites of Amritsar attracting thousands of visitors daily.

Getting around

Located only about 11 kilometres from the city of Amritsar, tourists can commute to and from the airport in taxis that are readily found outside the airport at very affordable prices. Otherwise, renting a car from the airport is also a convenient and popular option.

What to see and do

The city of Amritsar is often referred to as the ‘Holy Pool of Nectar’ and is considered the world’s most sacred city for millions of Sikhs. As the city where Sikhism was born, it is also the spiritual and cultural centre for the religion and is home to the breathtakingly beautiful Golden Temple (or Harmandir Sahib), considered the holiest shrine of Sikhism. The Temple sits in the middle of a massive pool of water, the reason behind Amritsar being known as the ‘Holy Pool of Nectar’. The pool, whose fabled sacred waters are said to be able to bring health benefits and immortality to bathers, has been mentioned even in numerous other Indian religions (usually in relation to its healing abilities). Pool aside, the Golden Temple itself holds great significance too - it is the home of the Guru Granth Sahib, a collection of Sikh holy scriptures. Today, the temple is a pilgrimage destination for thousands of devotees daily who pay their respects and walk around the pool of miracles. Even for the non-religious, though, the temple is worth a visit for its beauty and magnificent architecture.

Although the Golden Temple is Amritsar’s main attraction, there are many other noteworthy sites in the city that are worth a closer look as well. One such example is the Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden that contains a memorial of great importance to both the city and the country. Erected in 1951, the tall oval-shaped memorial serves as a commemoration of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that took place in 1919 when non-violent civilians, peacefully celebrating Vaisakhi, clashed with British armed forces and were shot at, resulting in hundreds of fatalities. Though it may be a morbid part of Amritsar’s past it is still an event that has shaped the city - and potentially the country - into what it is today, and is worth a visit for its historical significance. Pay a visit to the memorial to better understand the city’s turbulent past and appreciate the tranquil serenity that surrounds it.

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