Flights to Dusseldorf

Flights to Dusseldorf

A major city in the world, Dusseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany and is scenically located on the banks of River Rhine. An economic center, Dsseldorf also serves as an international business and financial center and city is headquarters to five Fortune Global 500 and several DAX companies. The city is also noted for its numerous cultural and business events and organizes nearly one fifth of all world‘s premier trade shows. Spreading on an area of 217 km2 of land, Dusseldorf city is home to more than 598,686 residents while the urban area of the city constitutes 1,220,000 residents which make Dusseldorf the seventh most populous city in Germany. In Mercer's 2012 Quality of Living survey, Dusseldorf ranked as the 6th most livable city in the world. German is the official language spoken by vast majority of the people.


Düsseldorf International Airport which is also called as Rhein-Ruhr Airport is the major international airport serving the city and all flights scheduled for Dusseldorf land at this airport. The airport is at a distance of 8 km from the city and is currently served by 70 airlines that fly to 180 destinations on 4 continents. Dusseldorf falls into the experiences mild to warm summers and moderate winters with little snowfall. The annual temperature of the city remains around 0.6 °C and the average yearly precipitation is Dusseldorf is 797 millimeters. July and August is the best time to visit Dusseldorf as during these months the weather is at its best. Rundgang in February, Carnival in February, ProWein goes City in March, Quadriennale, Museums Night on 18th April, Hofgarten Concerts from May to September, Jazz Rally in May, Christopher Street Day in May, Home and Garden in June and Gourmet Festival in August are some of the many cultural events hosted by the city.

City Attractions

Königsallee, known to be Germany's Most Elegant Avenue is a must visit attraction in Dusseldorf. Schloss Benrath is another major tourist spot famed for its Baroque palace along with huge gardens and parks.  Museum Corps de Logis, Museum for Landscape Art and the Natural Science Museum are the other attractions located in the other park building. North Rhine-Westphalia Art Collection is famed for housing the numerous works of modern art, including a notable collection of paintings by Paul Klee and the attraction is located in three areas of the city. Kaiserswerth is among the oldest part of the city and Church of St. Suitbertus, a beautiful church is located here along with numerous other monuments.

The Museum of Art (showcasing fine art, sculptures and drawings along with graphic art, photos, and applied art), Old Town Düsseldorf (offers well preserved monumental heritage), Neue Zollhof and the Gehry Buildings (home to some of the most daring form of modern architecture), Nordpark's Japanese Garden (most popular park in Dusseldorf), The Hofgarten (a English style designed landscape garden) and  The Magic of the Rhine (to enjoy the wondrous river side of Dusseldorf), Königsallee (an urban boulevard) and Rheinufer (sixth longest inner city tunnel in Europe)are some of the other popular attractions one should not miss on their holiday in Dusseldorf.


Eating and Shopping

The people of the city enjoy Geemrna cuisine and some of the local traditional meals that one should not miss here are - Rheinischer Sauerbraten, Heaven and Earth, Muscheln Rheinischer Art, Reibekuchen and Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten. Düsseldorf is known for its strong Dijon-like mustard and you can even purchase some of it back home. Robert's Bistro,, Isbuschka, Brauerei im Füchschen, NAGAYA, Sila Thai, Meerbar, Alberobello  and Dinea are the best places in Dusseldorf to enjoy a traditional meal. However, if you are not too much into German food then the city is filled with restaurants serving international cuisine as well. The city exceptionally popular for its bars and nightlife and also houses the longest bar in the world 'Altstadt area’. While Altbier is the most popular local wine, Schlüssel, Uerige, Schumacher, and Füchschen beers are also among the local beers that you can enjoy at any traditional brewery restaurants in Dusseldorf. Medienhafen, Pempelfort, Unterbilk , Oberkassel and Düsseltal are also good places to enjoy beer or cocktails.

Shopping in Dusseldorf is an eventful experience. There are so many options available here to suit the pocket of travellers of any budget. From posh malls to glamorous international boutiques, from glitzing departmental stores to local markets, everything is available. When in Duseldorf, do not miss buying Killepitsch, which is a local liquor flavored with herbs. German Mustard, vintage LPs, second-hand items, craft articles and a bottle of local Altbier are among the major local offerings which you cannot miss buying in Dusseldorf. Radschlägermarkt, Schützenplatz Frankfurter Str, Carlo-Schmid-Straße and Schadow Arkarden are the most popular flea and antique markets in the city. Königsallee, Schadowstraße, Carlstadt, Creative districts, Japanese quarter and Southern city are the most celebrated shopping districts in Dusseldorf.

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