Flights to Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan–The Land of Prosperity and Abundance

Kazakhstan is acontiguous transcontinental country in Central Asia and shares its border with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan along with a large part of the Caspian Sea. It is the world’s largest landlocked country and stands 9th in the world in terms of land area. The country is popular for its amazing natural landscapes, towering steppes and mountains, thrilling adventure sports and humongous options for ethic tourism. The 17 million people that reside here make Kazakhstan the 62nd most populous country in the world. Astana was declared as the capital of the country in the year 1997, where it was moved from Almaty. The Almaty international airport is the largest airport in Kazakhstan with direct flights from major parts of the world.

About the Country

The climate of Kazakhstan is continental and experiences four distinct seasons – summer, winter, spring and autumn. The country is shrouded with white snow during the winter months from November to January. Spring arrives from February onward followed by sunny summers which start in May till August,with July being the warmest month. Autumn starts in September and ends in November. The best time to visit Kazakhstan is from the months of April to October, when the climate is most comfortable. The country enjoys a bilingual status with Kazakh and Russian being the common language of the people. Islam is the largest religion practiced by 70% of the population and the country has significant followers of Christianity as well as Buddhism.

Major Cities & Attractions

Almaty, Astana, Shymkent, Taraz, Pavlodar, Karagandy, Oskemen, Semey, Aktobe and Oral are the major cities. Kazakhstan is home to some of the most popular heritage attractions. Tourists planning a holiday in Almaty should visit the picturesque valley of Medeo, which is just 15 km from Almaty and is popular for its large ice skating rinks which can accommodate 32,000 spectators at one time. Chimbuk is a famous ski resort and offers breathtaking views of the Alpine routes. Charyn Canyon, also known as Valley of castles is the second largest canyon in the world and is covered with unusual rock formations. Central mosque, the biggest mosque in Kazakhstan and Svyato-Voznesensky Cathedral is among the religious attractions in the city.

If you are in Astana then visit the Korgalzhin national park which is the biggest reserve zone in the country. With more than 2000 marine species, Duman is the first and only aquarium located around 3000 km away from the ocean. By terek town, President’s Culture Centre and Palace of peace and harmony are other attractions in Astana. Baikonur Cosmodrom, world’s oldest and largest operational space launch facility centre located in the desert steppes of Kazakhstan, UNESCO approved ancient venues of world architectural rarities at Tanaz and UNESCO listed biosphere, Aksu-Zhabagly state natural reserve are major sightseeing places in Southern Kazakhstan.

Some of the popular attractions in Western Kazakhstan are –Ustirut, Mangystau region, Atyrua city and numerous archaeological monuments. Burabay (Borovoe) National Nature Park, also known as pearl of Kazakhstan, Borovoye Lake, Naurzum and Kurgaldjino are famous places to see in Northern Kazakhstan. City of Semipalatinsk, Karagnada and Bayanaul National Park are also popular attractions.


Eating & Shopping

The cuisine of Kazakhstan has a strong resemblance to nomadic food and mutton and horse meat is commonly consumed. A traditional meal in Kazakhstan comprises livestock meat served with wide varieties of breads. Soups, assortment of appetizers and two main courses of pilaf and beshbarmak are also offered. Refreshments often include black tea and traditional milk-derived drinks such as ayran, shubat and kymyz. Quwurdaq is the country’s national dish. Various international cuisines are also available in various cities. AB Restaurants is Kazakhstan's largest restaurant group.

With numerous stores, malls and local markets, the experience of shopping in Kazakhstan is splendid. The country is very famous for its hand crafted items, Kazakh silk paintings, nesting/stacking dolls and Kazakh dream quilts. The rugs, carpets and small souvenirs are also very popular. When shopping in Kazakhstan step out of the malls and head to the local markets – the Zelyont bazaar, Promenade and Zhybek-Zholy Street are major shopping places in Almaty. Sine Tempore (Italian orientated), the market between Kenesary and Beibitshilik, Auezov and Respublika are best places to shop in Astana.

Flights to Kazakhstan

Air Astana is the present largest airline carrier in Kazakhstan. Besides the Almaty airport, there are numerous other international as well as domestic airports which connect Kazakhstan with the rest of the world. Astana international airport, Shymkent international airport, Atyrau airport, Sary-Arka International Airport, Kostanay International Airport, Semey International Airport and Pavlodar Airport are the major international airports in the country.

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