Flights to Russia

Flights to Russia

A Trip to Russia

Russia, officially referred to as the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world and spans across two continents, Europe and Asia. Visit Russia to witness the diversity in nature, culture and history which makes it a must-visit tourist destination.

Carriers flying from India to Russia are Aeroflot, Air India, Rossiya Airlines. Other flights to Russia are Emirates, Thai Airways, Finnair, Etihad Airways, China Southern, Turkmenistan Airlines, Lufthansa, Uzbekistan Airways, Air China, Qatar Airways, Swiss, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Korean Air, EL AL srael Airlines, Air France, China Eastern, Austrian Airlines, Flydubai, Gulf Air, Pegasus Asia, KLM, Air Astana, Tajik Air, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines, IranAir.

How to find cheap flights to Russia?

Skyscanner, a leading travel search engine, provides a large number of flight options to those who want to visit Russia. You can choose between various airlines and online travel agents, and book your flights for your trip to Russia based on your convenience.

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Which city is cheap to fly to in Russia?

To find the cheapest city to fly to in Russia, browse through the countries section on Skyscanner’s homepage. You will find a brief description of Russia as well as a list of the air fares to various cities of the place. You can also use our country search tool which will also show the flight prices from various Indian cities - for example, Delhi to Russia flight price, Mumbai to Russia flight price, Chennai to Russia flight price etc.

Domestic travel between cities

  • The most popular means of intercity travel in Russia is by train. There are frequent long distance (overnight) trains and commuter trains available for this purpose. Russian trains are well-known for their immaculate service and timely departures.
  • Due to the immense size of Russia, domestic air travel is another preferred means of intercity travel in the country, especially since it is time saving.
  • Bus travel is recommended to reach the far-flung cities and towns that are not connected to the rail network or to any air routes.

Things to do in Russia

Russia is a multifaceted country and an adventure lover’s playground. With its dynamic cities, serene countryside and stunning architecture, a curious traveller will never be tired of one of the biggest countries on Earth. To outsiders, Russia is full of riddles and surprises. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the must-visit cities of Russia, full of glittering palaces, exotic churches and stunning national treasures. The Kremlin, Red Square, Hermitage Museum, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Historical Museum of Mausoleum are some of the few of the attractions in these cities. Treading on the footsteps of Tolstoy and Pushkin, skiing in Krasnaya Polyana, trekking in the Altai and climbing an active volcano at Kamchatka are among the adventure activities that you can pursue while in Russia.




Before you fly to Russia

Visa for Indians flying to Russia

In order to obtain a Russian tourist visa, you need to submit a valid passport, application letter and confirmation of hotel arrangements from an authorized Russian travel agency/hotel along with other supporting documents and photographs. These documents should be submitted to the Russian Embassy or Consulate.

Best time to visit Russia

The best time to visit Russia is in the months of July and August. The spring season (May to June) and the autumn season (September to October) are also great times to visit this majestic nation.

Time and weather difference between India and Russia

For the most part, Russia experiences a continental climate with hot and dry summers and extremely cold winters. The northernmost regions of Russia experience tundra climate and the country also experiences Arctic and Atlantic influences. India is 2 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the time zone of Russia (Moscow).

Currency and exchange rates between India and Russia

The exchange rate of Indian Rupees and Russian Rouble is roughly equal. However, Russia has a higher cost of living.

Culture and important information to know before you fly to Russia

Russian culture is influenced a lot by literature, classical music, philosophy, architecture, art and cinema, and places a high emphasis on family values. Russia has a very vibrant folklore with its roots in pagan beliefs of ancient Slavs. They also have a distinct style of folk music, classical music and folk dance.

  • Certain cities in Russia are closed to the public; special government permissions are required to visit those places.
  • Make sure that you leave Russia before your visa expires; even a few minutes of overstay can lead to a lot of legal problems.
  • The English language is common only in the major cities; always carry a Russian phrase book with you while you go exploring during your holidays in Russia.
  • Always carry some form of identification papers with you while travelling.
  • Russians are generally reserved; do not be offended if your friendly smile is not immediately returned. Despite this, Russians are well-mannered, frank and sincere.
  • Avoid commenting on sensitive issues like the conflicts surrounding the World War II and Russian politics.

NOTE: All the above information is correct as of 5th May 2017.

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