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Tunisia Carthage – Tunisia’s Historical City

A spectacular seaside suburb in Tunisia, Carthage is famed for being the center of the ancient Carthaginian civilization. Located in Northern Tunisia in North Africa, the city boasts of a perfect mix of natural as well as manmade attractions, making it a popular tourist destination the country. Spreading on 180 km2 of land, the city is home to 21,276 people and 2,412,500 residents live in the Metro. The city is around 15 km from the capital of Tunisia, Tunis, and is well connected via trains or taxis. The city is eloquent for its heritage attractions that go back to 1st millennium BC, when it was just a Phoenician colony. Carthaginian are believed to have been the first inhabitants of the region and since times immemorial, it has served as capital and major power in the Mediterranean. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the present city used to be the site of some of the best governing institutions in the world.


Tourist planning a trip to Carthage land at the Tunis Carthage Airport which is the primary international gateway located very close to the city and is well connected to major cities around the world. Carthage features hot-summer Mediterranean climate which is categorized by hot and dry summer and mild and moderately wet winters. The winter months from December to March are the wettest and temperature ranges between 7 to 16OC. Summer months from June till September are best avoided as it gets very hot and uncomfortable for sightseeing. Other than the summer months, tourists can plan a holiday in Carthage at any time of the year. Carthage International Festival is the most important festival celebrated here in July and August. Held in the old amphitheater of Carthage, the festival sees live song, dance and musical performances for singers, actors, dancers and musicians from all over the world.  The ticket to the events is reasonably price and tourists are advised to carry blankets and cushions as the concerts go on till wee hours of the morning.

City Attractions

Carthage is a small suburb of Tunis and there are a few sites that you cannot miss exploring here. Start your city tour from Antonin Baths which is the ruins of largest Roman baths outside Rome. A Puni cemetery, graves, mosaics and old houses which are also in ruins are the major attractions here. Your next top should be at the Carthage Museum, and the Acropolium which has a museum housing the remnants excavated from the ruins. Do miss paying homage at the World War II North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial, which is the final resting place of 2,841 American military dead lost during the War in North Africa.

Water Cisterns (another ruins offering good views of the city), Amphitheater (a major landmark),, Punic Tophet (having a collection of what appear to be children’s' grave stones), Basilica of Saint-Cyprien (a historical Christian temple), Musée Océanographique Dar El Hout (a popular Oceanographic Museum) and Presidential Palace are among the focal attraction tourists should not miss here.

Eating and Drinking

Being a suburb of the capital city, the option of dining out or shopping is pretty limited in Carthage. Carthage-Byrsa of the Carthage-Salammbo Area has a few restaurants and small shops serving quick bites like sandwich and pizza along with coffee. Visit Route La Goulette to savor offers a range of salads, meat dishes and sandwiches. A small restaurant located above the entrance to the Antonin Baths, luxurious Villa Didon and a small patisserie located at Carthage-Présidence are the only places where you can find a decent meal. If you are craving for fancy dinners or want to explore multi cuisines, then you will have to head to the main city. Villa Didon is also a good place for enjoying a drink. A stylish lounge and terrace with delightful views are available here. Another place to enjoy pricy drink is the hotel on Rue de Hannibal. If you want you can plan a trip to Sidi Bou Said, a charming town very close to Carthage famous for its sunset and eating joints.

Shopping in Carthage is limited to small trinkets and local touristy artifacts. Going to the city which is filled with glamorous malls, high end stores, luxury markets and even pedestrian markets is the best option for those who want to enjoy a full-fledged shopping experience. Products made from Palm leaves, cheap carpets, spices, handmade ceramics, Tunisian music, dates, leather goods, pottery, jewelry, copper, brass, desert roses and local crafts are some shopping items one can shop for in Carthage and Tunis. Since shopping in Carthage is very limited, tourists are highly recommended to go to the capital city where limitless shopping options are available for the tourists.

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