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Nanaimo Harbour (ZNA) Arrivals and Departures Board

Check the status of your domestic or international Nanaimo Harbour (ZNA) flight with the help of our live arrivals and departures board. Switch between arriving and departing flights from Nanaimo Harbour and find the flight you are interested in by using the quick search to specify the airline, flight time, or the origin/destination. The flight tracker will also show you which terminal your Nanaimo Harbour flight will depart from or arrive at, and any delays affecting your route.

When should I check in at Nanaimo Harbour for my departing flight?

How long in advance you are able to check in at Nanaimo Harbour and when check-in closes tends to vary depending on the airline you are flying with so always make sure to check directly on their website. The general guidance is to arrive at Nanaimo Harbour at least two hours before scheduled departure for a shorthaul flight and three hours before departure for a longhaul flight. If you have already checked in online it is recommended to still allow plenty of time for dropping off bags, collecting boarding passes where required and getting to your gate.