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Welcome to Rome, Italy’s magnificent capital city. Awe-inspiring art, aroma of freshly ground coffee that comes out of the cafes, vibrant street life and fine wine; there is nothing not to love about Rome. Few cities can compete with Rome’s astonishing artistic heritage. Ancient icons such as Roman Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon recall Rome’s past as the fearsome period of the Roman Empire.

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A trip to Rome is much about gorging on art and culture. It’s about idling around the picturesque streets. As evening falls, the tempo rises as the fashionably-dressed crowd descends into the city’s bars and cafes. For the history buffs and for people who enjoy serenity, Vatican City is a must-visit. For the shopaholics, the Via Cole di Rienzo, Via del Corso and Porto Portese Flea Market are a godsend!

Types of hotels in Rome

While there are plenty of choices, rates are generally high and we recommend you to book your hotel early, to get the best deal. Skyscanner recommends some of the areas that you can for your boarding when you’re in Rome.

Termini Station in Rome

This area, which is located south of the ancient City Centre, is the main transport hub, and is highly recommended because of the easy accessibility to local transport as well as long distance travel. Also, Termini, being at the heart of Rome, all the tourist places are within walking distance. You will get myriad options to stay suiting all budgets, starting from INR 4500 / USD 70 to about INR 10000 / USD 150.

Vatican in Rome

Most people travel to Rome with the primary purpose of visiting the Vatican. Vatican is located towards the north of Rome. Hotels around the Vatican are located mostly in the middle-class suburb of Prati. You’ll find all types of accommodations, and numerous options of family-owned B&B accommodations and budget hotels. Prices vary depending on the season, but mostly you’ll find accommodations in the price range of INR 3500 / USD 55 up to INR 10000 / USD 160.

Villa Borghese & Via Veneto in Rome

These areas are for the exclusive and rich. Located to the east of the Ancient Centre, most of the luxurious hotels in Rome are situated here. This area is a 10-minute walk from the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, but quite isolated from the hustle of the city centre. There are lakes, temples, and museums that you can visit and spend a relaxing time in. The hotel costs start at approx. INR 6800 / USD 105, and can go up to about INR 22000 / USD 340.

Things to do in Rome

To get to know Rome from the inside out, first you have to see the city the way locals do. Gaze upwards at thePantheon and experience the exhilarating view of this iconic Roman building. Pay tribute at St Peter’s Basilica and look out for Michelangelo’s Pietà statue and Bernini's baldachin (altar canopy). Hang out at Piazza Novana and enjoy the daily circus of various artists. Explore the Jewish Ghetto. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain and make your wish come true.

Transport in Rome

Rome has an efficient and affordable underground railway system that will get you near most tourist destinations. The metro has three lines - A, B and C. A new branch of the B line, called B1 has been created. In addition, Rome has an extensive network of buses and trams. The mini electric-bus routes of the city are particularly helpful for tourists travelling to many of the popular tourist spots. A ticket per individual for bus, metro, tram and trains inside the municipality of Rome is INR 110 / USD 1.6 and is valid for 1 hour and 20 minutes. For extended stays, one can also buy a seven-day metro and bus pass (called CIS) for INR 1750 / USD 27. For shorter stays, one can get a 24-hour pass for INR 520 / USD 8, a 48-hour pass for INR 900 / USD 14, or a 72-hour pass for INR 1300 / USD 20.

Food in Rome

Roman cuisine is the primary food of Rome. It is prepared in a simple way, using seasonal ingredients from Roman Campagna. Meat, vegetables and cheese form an important part of the cuisine. There are many Indian restaurants in Rome like the Maharaja, Krishna 13, New Delhi and more.

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