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15 Best Countries to Visit in 2019

Looking for travel ideas? Want to explore the world now that you have seen a little more of India? Well, the world is your oyster. Travelling is fun and visiting other countries, experiencing their culture opens the mind allowing you to explore new places with enthusiasm.

Considering there is so much to see and experience, we at Skyscanner thought it made sense to pick a few of the best countries to visit in 2019 that you can add to your travel bucket list.

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15 Best Countries to visit in 2019

Trending CountriesBest time to visit Best time to Book
ThailandNovember – Early AprilJan – Feb, Jul – Sep
IndonesiaMay – SeptemberOct – Jan
EnglandLate-Mar – June, Sept – NovSep – Nov
UAEDecember – MarchOct, Dec, Jan – Mar
SingaporeJuly -Sept, Feb -AprilFeb – Apr, Jul -Sep
CanadaThrough the yearJan, Feb, Oct, Nov
USAMay -June, Mid-Sep -Mid-OctFeb, Sep, Oct
FranceApril -June, Sept -NovemberJan, Feb, Oct
MalaysiaNovember, February -MarJan- Mar, July -Sept
AustraliaMar – May, Sept -NovemberFeb -Mar, Aug-Sept
NetherlandsMid-Apr -Mid-OctoberJul, Oct, Dec
MaldivesNovember -AprilJan-Feb, Aug -Sept
IcelandFeb -Mar, Sept- OctoberOct – Dec
ItalyApril -May, Mid-Sept – Mid-OctoberSep, Oct, Jan

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Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya are some names that come to mind as soon as you think of travelling to Thailand. There is more to explore and experience in the country than the three most visited cities. 

Be ready to laze around white sandy beaches, stunning Buddhist temples, shop at the vibrant street or floating markets, try the local Thai food that is spicy, sour, and fresh.  If you aren’t a fan of experimenting, then there are plenty of restaurants and cafes you can eat at.

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If it’s all about the experience, then Indonesia is one of the best countries to visit in 2019. From the culturally diverse Medan, the water paradise Raja Ampat in West Papua, beach mecca Bali, Jakarta’s urban extravaganza, home to Mt. Rinjani, Lombok, Luxurious resorts at Bintan Island or the aromatic waters of Banyuwangi, there is plenty you can explore and enjoy.

Of course, all the other things from the food to the culture are like the cherry on top, that makes for an amazing holiday.

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England is peculiar, exciting and infinitely fascinating, an oasis of green amidst tall buildings and crowded streets. From white chalky bluffs, windy prairies, jade fields and creased hills, ancient woodlands and temperamental moors, bluest sea water, England is home to every kind of natural wonder.

There is a lot to see from its 10 national parks, places of Outstanding National Beauty, to almost 2795 miles of rocky, beach-fringed shoreline, that makes the shoreline one of longest.  It is the only country to have a public path around the shore in Europe. Whether you’re traipsing over the South Downs, mounting the Lake District fells or travelling above Dover’s legendary White Cliffs, England is an endless repast for the senses.

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United Arab Emirates

UAE is more than the Emirate of extremes, Dubai. From its iconic skyscrapers, large town-sized shopping centres, palatial beach resorts, indoor skiing and the glittering oceanfront will make Dubai one of the most visited countries in 2019 just like this year.

However, there are other Emirates like the oil town Abu Dhabi, the shifting sands of Saudi Arabia, the much-lauded art and heritage structures in Sharjah, and some of the best swimming and diving options available in the Gulf of Oman. Travel to the other emirates and you won’t be disappointed. Of course, we don’t mean you must forget the fantastic, and captivating Dubai.

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One of the most expensive countries in the world, Singapore is home to several man-made and natural wonders. A melting pot of cultures, this country has quickly become one of the best countries to visit. You can use the quick and efficient public transport to zip around from eating hot breakfast in Little India, to exploring temples in Chinatown and shopping at the Marina Bay, all before you start hankering for lunch.

From tasty street food stalls, cosy coffee shops to Michelin star restaurants, Singapore offers a feast to food lovers. The concrete city has gone green quickly giving way to green structures, walking trails, jungle bridges built on treetops. Don’t forget to visit the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Botanic Gardens.

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A personal favourite of people who love to immigrate, Canada is the second largest country in the world and has plenty to offer even a discerning tourist. So, it is on our list of best countries to visit in 2019.  From lofty mountain peaks, stunning glaciers, ethereal rain forests, and gorgeous beaches; though remote, natures largesse is spread across 6 different time zones.

If you love the wild, then be ready to spot polar bears, grizzlies, the moose, and the whales. It’s an adrenaline fan’s paradise from snowboarding in Whistler mountains, surfing in Nova Scotia, kayaking in the South Nahanni River. All you need to do is wish for it and it’s probably there. Of course, don’t forget to visit the Niagara Falls in Ontario.

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