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2019 holidays in India: Plan your next getaway

Most of us await the annual holiday list at work only so we can quickly apply for leaves on those days which will give us a three- or four-day weekend. We have handpicked those holidays that are applicable almost across India and are potential long weekends. Also, to give you a dose of travel inspiration, we have selected the perfect holiday options for you on for those weekends. Excited? Dig in.


Let’s start with a three-day weekend which won’t require you to take an additional day off to make a short trip:

  1. 19 April 2019 (Friday) – Good Friday

This is a holiday loved by everyone – thanks to the fact that it always falls on a Friday, thus promising a long weekend every year. Book your vacation well in advance as this holiday is eyed by many.

We suggest you visit the quaint city of Dharamsala – the perfect seat for viewing the majestic Himalayas in full glory. This hill station is a treasure chest of unique things you can do to make your stay interesting. Learn more about Buddhism by visiting McLeod Ganj and get some remarkable insights on the Tibetan culture and traditions by planning a trip to the Dalai Lama Temple Complex. Keep some time aside to enjoy trekking and birdwatching at Kangra Valley and shopping for local knick-knacks. If you want to experiment with your itinerary a bit, enroll for a Tibetan cooking class,medication course or handicraft workshops!

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Closest airport: Gaggal airport, Dharamsala (around 13kms away)

Moving on to those precious four-day weekends that will be awarded to you, provided you take just one day off!

2. 25 December 2019 (Wednesday) – Christmas

If you are hoping to enjoy Christmas day a bit differently this year (a much-needed break from those typical house parties or being stuck in traffic while reaching a pub), take Thursday and Friday (Dec 26-27) off and you have on your platter a tempting five-day weekend. While the spirits are festive and relaxed during the year-end at most places,squeezing in a short holiday will only boost the cheer.

Ditch the crazy December crowds of Goa without giving up on the stunning beaches by planning your perfect New Year break at Puducherry (Pondicherry). This long weekend will allow you enough time to explore the gorgeous French architecture, enjoy boat rides at Chunnambar River, take guided bicycle tours, catch auburn sunsets at Serenity Beach and discover peace at the famed Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Of course you could also indulge in the many water sports including scuba diving at one of the many diving spots that promise rich, colourful marine life. Oh, and while you are enjoying your stay in Pondicherry, make sure you gorge on some delicious local cuisine that is the perfect blend of French flavours and traditional south Indian hints.

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Closest airport: Chennai airport (around 135kms away)

3.  21 March 2018 (Thursday) – Holi

The corporate off for Holi falls on a Thursday in 2019 which means if you take a single leave, you will be awarded with a four-day-long weekend. What are you waiting for?

Pump up the romance with your partner or spend quality time with your kids with a verdant backdrop in Udhagamandalam or Ooty. This appealing hill station in Tamil Nadu promises a cool weather (temperatures ranging between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius) and a range of activities to keep you engaged for four days. Take the fascinating toy train, have an unforgettable tête-à-tête with nature at SanctuaryAvalanche, soak in the beauty of the Upper Bhavani Lake or feast your senses at the colourful and aromatic Botanical Gardens – whatever you choose to do, Ooty promises to impress you with its charm.

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Closest airport: Coimbatore airport (around 88kms away)

4. 15 August 2019 (Thursday) –Independence Day

This national holiday falls on a Thursday next year which means if you take the following Friday off,you will have four precious days for an exciting vacation. Wondering where you can go? Read on.

If you have been craving lush green landscapes, misty mountains and exotic blooms, the Valley of Flowers in the Chamolidistrict of Uttarakhand is a must-visit. August is the ideal month to visit this breathtaking place as the flowers are in full bloom then. It is also one of the four months when the valley is visited by tourists as it is covered in snow almost throughout the year. On your Valley of Flowers trek, be prepared to view rare flowers such as cobra lilies and Himalayan knot weeds along with magnificent mountain views.

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Closest airport: Jolly Grant, Dehradun (around 295kms away)

5. 8 October 2019 (Tuesday) – Dusshera

Along with all the exciting revelries, the month of October in 2019 also brings with it a potential long weekend. The festival of Dusshera falls on a Tuesday which means if you take that Monday off, you have a four-day weekend on your hands.Wondering what to do with it?

We suggest you visit Mysore or Mysuru – an exquisite collage of heritage, imperial architecture and history. Mysore is located in Karnataka,on the foothills of the Chamundi Hills. When in Mysore, you can expect to be awestruck by the regal beauty of the mammoth Mysore Palace, the attractive architecture of the Chamundeshwari Temple, the sheer serenity around the Karanji Lake and the cultural richness of the Folklore Museum. Dusshera is a special time in Mysore as the Mysore Palace is illuminated and surrounded by carnivals and festivities. Of course when in Mysore, you will be tempted to buy a classy silk sari and bite into lip-smacking local delicacies such as the Mysore Pak. What’snot to love?

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