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5 blogs that will inspire you to travel more this year

Looking for more travel inspiration this new year? Look no further. Here's Skyscanner's pick of wanderlust-inducing travel bloggers to follow in 2017. Try and make it through this article without packing a bag! Search for flights here

Ajay Sood – Travelure

After a 27 year career in advertising Ajay knows a picture is worth a thousand words, he took the leap to full time photography in 2010 and has been running blog, Travelure, ever since.

"My camera lets destinations do the talking! For over 100 days every year, it travels the world capturing sights and stories – I just share them!"

Follow Ajay’s travels on Instagram @travelure

Newly weds in Warsaw, Poland
© Ajay Sood

Manjulika Pramod – Pendown

Former telecom engineer, Manjulika Pramod, quit her job in 2015 to pursue the finer things in life; food, travel and writing. Travelling the globe, Manjulika has found Oslo, Norway and Cape Town, South Africa two of the most magical destinations she’s explored. Check out Pendown for an eye-opening account of Manjulika’s travels to Saudi Arabia.

Manjulika documents her travels on Instagram and Twitter, follow her to fuel your wanderlust in 2017.

Local artist in Mauritius
© Manjulika Pramod

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Abhinav Singh – A Soul Window

Abhinav has been sharing his travels on blog A Soul Window since 2008, covering 150 destinations across 20 states of India! Internationally, he’s travelled to some stunning destinations, including Jordan, Nepal and Bhutan.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for high altitude treks and breathtaking vistas.

Abhinav Singh at Petra, Jordan
© Abhinav Singh

Purva Bhatia – Blue Sky Dreamers

Husband and Wife duo, Purva and Abhinav are the travellers behind Blue Sky Dreamers, here they document their travel journeys, share food experiences and inspire you to travel & explore more!

Catch Purva and Abhinav’s 2017 travels on Instagram and Facebook

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
© Purva Bhatia

Priyanka Sachar – Twilight Fairy

Priyanka is a computer engineer turned professional photographer. After living in a lot of different cities Priyanka considers herself a locavore when travelling, she loves to explore new cultures’ customs, food and rituals – not just sight-see. And post about her experiences on Twilight Fairy

Follow Priyanka on Instagram and Facebook for more shots that will have you reaching for your passport!

Edinburgh Castle on a sunny day by Priyanka Sachar
© Priyanka Sachar

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