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8 unique things to do in Goa during the day

Wondering what to do in Goa? Trust us, there is so much to do that you need more than '365 days on a holiday'. Skyscanner recommends these unique and fun things to do in Goa during the day while you are being a party animal at night. Here's a quick overview: 1. Go on a crocodile boat trip 2. Try a Goan Fish Thali 3. Walk on the floor of the Arabian Sea 4. Visit Sol De Goa for live music 5. Eat the famous sticky buns of Goa 6. Go biking to Chorao Island 7. Try kite surfing in Goa 8. Enjoy all day breakfast

1. Go on a Crocodile boat trip

Looking for offbeat things to do in Goa? Do you want the thrill of seeing a crocodile up close? Try a boat trip to see mugger crocodiles basking in the sun along Goa’s Opa River or the brackish waters of Cumbarjua canal, which connects two of Goa’s largest rivers – the Mandovi and the Zuari. Check out these boat tours to organise a trip.

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A mighty crocodile in the waters of Goa

2. Have the best Goan Fish Thali ever

No list of the best things to do in Goa is complete without the inclusion of this lip-smacking culinary experience. After all, the Anandashram Hotel has been a Goan institution visited frequently by local lunch-goers for decades. The Goan fish thali includes kismoor – a coconut and prawn preparation popular with locals – as well as a tasty, fried version of the catch of the day. You can also get non-veg preparations on the menu, from Biryani to local seafood curries. This is where one goes for authentic Goan flavour. Just don’t be put off by communal seating, quick service, formica tables and plastic chairs.

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A tasty plate of Fish Thali in India

Photo credit: Flickr/fish thali/Ankur P/CC-BY

3. Walk on the floor of the Arabian sea

Ever thought of doing a seabed walk? You don’t even need to know how to swim to enjoy this particular adventure activity. You just have to be willing to get wet. Walking along the sea-walk platform, you’ll spot coral, marine plants and fish within touching distance. The experience isn’t as much about what’s around as the feeling of the solid sea bed under your feet as you’re surrounded by water ten feet below sea-level. H2O watersports in Baina beach, Vasco provides the opportunity to try this out.

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A pair of happy tourists walking on the seabed

Photo credit: Underwater Sea Walk – H2O facebook page

4. Visit Sol De Goa for live music

Are you a bona fide music lover on the lookout for thing to do in Goa that will get your fix? It’s true that in Goa you’ll always be spoilt for choice as far as live music venues are concerned. Goa’s latest secret, Sol de Goa, is nestled by the side of Sinquerim river. It is a boutique hotel with a luxurious decor especially on Thursdays and Saturdays. Head there before everyone else discovers this gem tucked away.

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The beautiful facade of Sol De Goa

Photo credit:

5. Sink your teeth into the best sticky buns in Goa

For fresh sticky buns lightly dusted with cinnamon, head straight to Ruta’s World Cafe in Mapusa, no questions asked! From exotic Asian food to the usual Indian fare, you’ll get a broad variety of food options here including eggy breakfasts, burgers, pasta and various Goan options. But, if you’re having a sticky bun craving this is the only place that will satisfy it, with a wide selection of other freshly baked goodies on offer too. The cafe is tucked next to Fabindia in Mapusa, making it convenient to indulge in a snack after a bit of shopping. Trust us, it’s a must-try and should be in every foodie’s list of things to do in Goa.

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A serving of tasty sticky buns in Goa,India

6. Go biking on this paradise island

Travel across the river by ferry to Chorao island from Ribandar road. There’s one every 15 minutes. The island is most known for the Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary as well as its quaint white-washed village churches and old Portuguese houses. But, the real joy for a biker is in the sense of discovery you’ll have of an untouched paradise haven. You’ll be surrounded by the lush greenery of verdant fields and overhanging trees as you take roads that meander and dip.

The small island does give you a sense of being lost once you set off down its roads but eventually you’ll spot someone who will be more than willing to help with directions. Ride across the island to the jetty that has the ferry to Divar island and from there, you can head back to the mainland via Old Goa. This is absolutely one of the top things do in Goa, and also a great cycle route for adventurous cyclists with stamina.

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A pair bikers in Goa, India

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7. Try out Kite Surfing in Goa

Kite-surfing is an extreme sport and requires some training beforehand, especially if you haven’t tried it before. From October to May, there are beginner’s courses as well as certified courses conducted at Montego Bay beach village on Morjim beach, subject to wind conditions. Adventure junkies will love this water-based challenge, and will totally include it to their travel plans and checklist of things to do in Goa. Look up this blog for more information.

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A kite-surfer in Goa, India

8. Have all day breakfast

Located in the heart of Panjim’s Latin quarter is the Caravela cafe, bistro and homestay, a quaint newly opened place that has already become a popular choice for locals to drop in after Sunday mass to grab a coffee or enjoy a laid-back breakfast. It’s got a cosy ambience with a smattering of a few tables against a modest backdrop of wall murals and local ceramics dotted around the place.

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The stunning interior of Caravela cafe

_Photo credit: www.caravela.in_

Goa always has interesting events coming up, and these can be tracked on Goa tourism’s official site here.

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