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7 Unknown Beautiful Islands of India That Will Leave You Spellbound

Nature has blessed the Indian subcontinent in every way possible. From the snowcapped Himalayan mountains to the stunning coastline to the wonderful plateaus, plains and the eastern delta, India is home to nature's largesse in every way. As soon as you think of islands of India, Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep are the first names that pop into your head. These renowned islands hold the top spot in a travelers’ bucket list; however, there are several gorgeous islands like the Majuli, Divar that have been able to stay under the visitors’ radar for all the right reasons.

With swaying palms lining the untouched beaches, awe-inspiring ocean views that appear to stretch into eternity – there is something about islands of India holiday that captures the attention of travelers across the world whether it is honeymooners, backpackers or families.

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We at Skyscanner have curated a list of hidden islands in India that are perfect for a wistful isle retreat minus the throngs. With remarkable backdrops, picturesque houses and a virtual lack of selfie-snappers, these islands will leave you enraptured!

10 Best Islands of India

1.St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka 2.Majuli Island, Guwahati 3.Divar Island, Goa 4.Little Andaman Island, Andaman 5.Kavvayi Island, Kerala 6.Barren Island, Andaman 7.Grande Island, Goa 8.Hope Island, Andhra Pradesh 9.Quibble Island, Tamilnadu 10.Diu island, Gujarat

Know the Islands of India Better

St. Mary’s, Karnataka

St. Mary’s is an archipelago of 4 islands that are known for their basaltic rock formations cut into a hexagon. These rocks were formed due to sub-aerial subvolcanic movement in Madagascar, which was attached to India nearly 88 million years ago. Not many are aware of this island on the Karnataka coast, but the rocky beach and clear blue waters are a must-visit.

Best time to visit: Dec-January Must do activities: Enjoy the solitude and get clicking to create memories How to reach: 15 min boat ride from Malpe, Karnataka.

Majuli, Guwahati

One of the largest river islands in India, Majuli island is unique and unconventional. Located in the Brahmaputra river, it is the only island in India to be deemed a district. It is the best place to witness a glorious sunrise and magnificent sunset. This island offers a taste of Assamese culture. Be ready to walk on moss instead of sand and gorge on authentic northeastern food and see several migratory birds.

Majuli Island

Best time to visit: Sept-March Must do activities: Rent a motorcycle and visit the 21 Satras and Mishing village How to reach: A ferry from Johrat at 10 am or 3 pm.

Divar, Goa

This charming picturesque island is located on the Mandovi river in Goa. Expect spectacular views, Portuguese-era manors, beautiful beaches, quiet winding lanes across the island, different cultures, monuments and old temple ruins. A ferry ride away from Old Goa and Ribandar, this tranquil island is home to two historic temples and a white church balanced on a hilltop.

Best time to visit: Mid Nov – Mid Feb Must do activities: Visit the Shree Ganesh Sateri Temple, Our Lady of Compassion Church etc. How to reach: A 10 min ferry ride from Viceroy’s Arch in Old Goa

Little Andaman

A quirky destination in Andaman, the Little Andaman Island is pristine and not so crowded. One of the most stunning islands in India, a visit to its stunning beaches, white surf waterfalls and experiencing nature is a must. A fabulous honeymoon location for those on a strict budget.

Best time to visit: Dec- Feb Must do activities: Surfing, visit coral reefs, visit the several waterfalls How to reach: One-day ship ride from Port Blair

Little Andaman Island

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Kavvyayi, Kerala

A small island in the largest backwaters of North Kerala, Kavvayi Kayal is known for its historic importance. Well-known travelers like Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo, and Abdul Fida have written about this island of India in their travelogue. This wetland is the largest ecosystem in North Kerala and was home to a port during the British Era.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year Must do activities: Relax, take a boat ride through the backwaters etc How to reach: Take a ferry from the mainland or a train up to Payyanur

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