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Best deals for weekend breaks

If you are craving a short weekend break and are unsure of the destination or have finalised a destination but are not finding a satisfactory deal, don’t worry. You can use the 3-1 Skyscanner app to plan your next unforgettable break. Whether it is a relaxing beach escape you are craving or an adventurous trip with friends, you can stop worrying about the planning and booking process. Using this app, you can find some jaw-dropping deals on flights and hotels and book local transport smoothly. 

Download the Skyscanner app here

Apart from finding the lowest prices of air tickets and hotels, you can use the Skyscanner app to search the best deals for weekend getaway. Once you download the Skyscanner app on your phone or tablet, all you need to do is hit the Explore button located at the centre of the three bottom tab. Once you do that, you will be treated with a variety of options – from the types of trips to the weekend you want to travel on. Go on, lay your hands on the best flight and hotel deals out there now!

Best deals for weekend getaways

To use this feature,all you need to do is fill in the city/country of origin. You will be able to choose from weekend options such as this weekend, the next weekend and then dates for the following weekends. If you select next weekend, the app will show various local and international travel destination options and their cheapest flight prices. If you hit ‘India’, you will be shown all the cheapest local destinations from the city of origin mentioned by you.

Download the Skyscanner app here

For example, if you choose Mumbai as your departure city, for a trip during end-December, the app suggests exciting local destinations such as Goa, Jaipur, Amritsar and many others in the increasing order of the average flight prices. If you are looking for an international getaway from Mumbai during end-December, the app suggests beautiful destinations including Maldives, Thailand and the UAE. Sounds like a great combination of pristine beaches, gourmet food options and unending shopping. As soon as you select a particular destination, you will see average flight prices according to months and quick search options to hotels as well as car rentals. This feature also shows you the list of airports in the selected destination and around it. Voila! There is all the motivation you need along with, of course, tempting deals.

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Download the Skyscanner app here

Recommended destinations

Whether you are a last-minute vacation planner or like to make your bookings in advance, this section of the app is perfect for you. It recommends destinations based on the type of trip you are planning – long or short one – and also lists out popular destinations from your departing airport.

Your perfect trip

This app also customises holiday suggestions based on who you are travelling with – solo, as a couple, with kids and so on. So, whether it is relaxation and quiet time or parties and fun family activities, this app feature will give you the perfect direction to plan a trip that will check all the boxes of expectations you have from it.

Download the Skyscanner app here

Best deals by month

Tired of hunting the internet to find the perfect holiday destination based on the weather and things to do in the month you want to travel in? Not anymore. Skyscanner’s applets you select your ideal vacation destination based on those apt for travelling in the specific month selected by you.

Other features of the free and convenient Skyscanner app:

The Skyscanner app is your chance to find your perfect travel destination and save time and money will booking your flights, hotels and internal transport options. If you are unsure of your next vacation destination and are looking for some helpful suggestions, our ‘Everywhere’ feature will come to rescue. All you have to do is type ‘Everywhere’ for destination and Skyscanner will inspire you by displaying all available options.

If your destination is finalised but travel period is not, you could save substantially on air fares using our calendar and chart display feature that will show you a date when the airfare is the cheapest. Just fill in the desired departure and arrival points and while filling in the dates, you will be able to view fares for entire months, in both calendar and chart formats, making it easy for you to pick the dates with the cheapest fares.

Download the Skyscanner app here

Once you have finalised your destination and travel dates, the app will treat you with useful tips under its ‘Good to know about this trip’ section and help you save that particular flight so that you can come book it later, without wasting time to search for it all over again.

All in all, we assure you that this intuitive app will ensure your vacation booking process is smooth and the prices you pay are the lowest. What’s not to love? You can download the app from the GooglePlay store or the AppleApp Store.