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Best places to work in the US

Whether you are going there to work or to visit, don't forget to squeeze in some time for wanderlust.

A sure shot way of making an Indian envious is by telling them you’re travelling to the US. Want to be the most eligible bachelor? Just pick up a job in the States! US is the stuff Indian dreams are made of and there are exemplary examples like Satyam Nadella and Sundar Pichai to reinstate it. So, while US is definitely an enticing option for young engineers, bankers and researchers, the larger question is ‘where in the US?’ Picking the right base in a new country like the US is like laying the foundation right. Let’s scour through the options selected by Skyscanner for you.

1. Mountain View, California

If you are the ambitious techie and only the best does it for you, Mountain View is the place to be. Popularly known as the Silicon Valley, Mountain View has one of the highest rentals in the world because some of the largest technology conglomerates are headquartered here. Google, Mozilla, Symphony and Symantec are all in California, babies.

Mountain View is perfectly located in the San Francisco Bay area and you can enjoy the view of the Santa Cruz Mountain from your office window or while driving to work. What about the weekends, you ask? If you’re craving for some sun and sand with a lot of glamour, just take a drive to Los Angeles – the ‘Kardashian culture capital’ of US. The other weekend getaways closest to you will be Seattle and Vegas or Mexico and Hawaii for longer weekends.

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2. Boston,** [Massachusetts**](

If you are a foodie, love pizza and Italian cuisine, Boston is the place for you! There’s no other place you’d rather have pizza than in Boston, really, not even Italy (ask any American, they’ll tell you that.)! If you are the intellectual type and don’t care much about fashion, glamour and celebrity culture, you’ll make a lot of friends in Boston unlike any other city in the US. This probably comes from the fact that Boston is home to some of America’s prestigious academic institutions – Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Biotechnology is one of the major drivers of economy in this region, with the Milken Institute based here.

Boston is also great for history buffs and probably one of the only cities in America that has been able to preserve the incredible history from the colonial and revolutionary war era of the United States of America. It is also very well connected in terms of subway stations and flights. In fact, the flights are so cheap and so frequent that your weekend options can very well be New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami or even London and Paris. How does that sound?

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3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you’re a sports buff, Milwaukee should be your top choice. Milwaukee is a popular venue for sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing activities that are conducted on the shore of Lake Michigan. For Milwaukee, sports is religion much like cricket in India. In fact, if you’re likely to get home sick and love the close knit atmosphere and family bonding in India, make Milwaukee your base. It is probably one of the very few cities in the US where people tend to stay put in the area. It’s common for people to live within a few miles of their parents and a lot of people in their 30s and 40s still hang out socially with a lot of their high school friends. Milwaukee is home to several Fortune 500 companies including Harley-Davidson, Rockwell Automation and Johnson Controls, and a cluster of breweries (which translates into amazing beer everywhere!).

The adage "these people are the salt of the earth" completely applies to people in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Like Indians, people here are painstakingly sweet and would do anything to help someone in need. People show up when they say they will. Strangers will pull over to help you with your car if your battery is dead or you have a flat tyre. Now, isn’t that endearing?

From the food perspective, you’ll enjoy the different cuisines this area offers because of it’s German, Polish and Scandinavian influence. You can find a variety of local beers, sausage, sauerkraut, cheese, and generally a carb-heavy and fried food diet. As for the weekend fun, you’re only 1.5 hours away from Chicago, a little over an hour from Madison, and a little under two hours from Green Bay.

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4. Houston,** [Texas**](

Surprisingly, Houston is always compared to New York and many people prefer to stay here to enjoy the diversity and cultural flux of the US but avoid the pollution, density and the crowds. It is the land of opportunity without all the fuss. The number of Fortune 500 companies here is second only to New York, and if you are a space junkie, you will at home at NASA’s Johnson Space Centre.

Houston might not always host the coolest events and concerts happening in New York but it is in no way lesser on the ‘cool quotient’. It is an equally diverse city and what’s a better indication of that, than food. There’s an authentic Chinatown, an authentic BBQ and Tex-Mex place. Some say it’s even better than New York! People are much nicer in Houston and not always in a hurry. They are more accepting of outsiders and will include you in their ‘Texan’ clan as long as you’ve been to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo once.

For the weekends, visit the Woodlands, eat at Pappasitos, go shopping at Central Market and the Galleria, and visit the Houston Fine Arts Museum. Other weekend options can be visiting the countryside or the quaint little towns of West Texas, Bryant, Round Top and Grapevine.

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5. New York city, New York

If you’re a metropolitan person and don’t mind the crowded, dense atmosphere then New York might just be the place for you. The city is a hot hub for Finance and Tech with the Wall Street and the Silicon Alley located here.

New York means high rentals, smaller spaces, ethnically diverse neighbourhoods and a great nightlife. New York is often called a ‘City that never sleeps’. That means there’s always a place to go and something to do because it’s such a lively cultural centre. Every week, there are pop-up shops and cool events. So for a New Yorker, every night can be a date night!

It is one of the best cities connectivity wise because you can walk to most places. If it’s slightly far away, you can take the subway. If it’s really out of the way, there are taxis everywhere. Because of the cultural diversity, New York can be called the ‘Food Capital’ of USA. Name it and you will find an authentic restaurant for that cuisine. New York is truly a city that delivers fantasies wherever and whenever.

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6. Tulsa**, [Oklahoma**](

Being the second largest city in the state of Oklahama, Tulsa is a place for art and sports lovers. It has a variety of entertainment options like concert venues, a minor league ball park, short drives to a number of lakes and outdoor related activities. There’s also a bike trail that spans the city.

The Philbrook Museum has a splendid art collection complimented with historical revelations and garden areas, and is considered one of the top fine art museums in the United States. Other historical and tourist attractions include, the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, the Tulsa Geosciences Center and Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame. The United States Oil and Gas Association and BOK Financial Corporation are situated in Tulsa.

The public transit system is good and the cost of living is low. Most people are drawn to Tulsa because of its four true seasons unlike two or three (summers or winters) in most cities in the US. For weekend getaways, consider Silver Dollar City and Bartlesville.

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So, if you were wondering about the places you might want to work at, pin suitable options by downloading the Skyscanner App and get every information on your finger tips, easily!