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Revealed: Best time to book flights from India

Are you looking forward to a vacation abroad this year? Well, there is no time like the present to start planning! The first thing you need to do is to book your flight tickets and, lucky for you, Skyscanner is on hand with all the insider tips you need to get the best deal on your flights. We've crunched the numbers to find out when is the best time to book flights to India's favourite rising destinations.


A recent survey of Skyscanner India travellers revealed a massive 72% of travellers don’t know when is the best time to book to get the best deal on flights! And 69% of travellers incorrectly estimate the best time to book flights is less than 12 weeks before departure.

Stop right there, we’re here to help. Before you leave it to the last minute to book your flights, again, get your organised hat on and start planning in advance.

After crunching the numbers from two years’ worth of flight searches, we can reveal how you can save up to 17% on flights to India’s favourite growing destinations and what happens if you leave it until the last minute.

[![start searching flights now]( “enter image title here”)]( ### **Read more:** – [Travel Trends: 5 new destinations you must see in 2017]( – [5 cities you will see on your Instagram feed this year]( ## [**Amsterdam**]( Whether you’re dreaming of fields upon fields of tulips, windmills and clogs or checking out Amsterdam’s museums, you can save 17% on your flights when you book 24 weeks in advance or risk paying 36% more than the average fare when you leave your flight booking to the last minute.
Search flights to Amsterdam here
### **Read more:** – [10 things to do in Amsterdam]( – [12 safest cities for women travellers]( – [Schengen Visa: 30 countries, one visa!]( ## [**Bali**]( No visa, no problem? Bali’s visa-free status makes this slice of paradise even more idyllic. But don’t get swept up in laid back island like before you get there, make sure you plan ahead; **the best time to book flights from Indian to Bali is 25 weeks in advance, when flights are 16% cheaper than the average fare.**
Search flights to Bali here
### **Read more:** – [Visa free Bali: your ultimate guide to paradise island]( – [Make your rupee go further in these 5 destinations]( – [Indonesia: 10 places that aren’t Kuta]( ## [**Budapest**]( Budapest may be a more ‘off the beaten track’ destination for Indian travellers, but the Hungarian capital is proving popular with travellers from all over India. Searches to Budapest have jumped 14% over the past three years! The incredible architecture, favourable exchange rate and abundance of Instagram opportunities are proving to draw an increasing number of visitors. Make sure you get the best deal on flights to Budapest by booking early.
Search flights to Budapest here ### **Read more:** – [Europe on a budget: 3 affordable Europe trips]( – [12 cheap international trips for Indian travellers]( – [The best of Europe in Autumn]( ## [**Kuala Lumpur**]( Ever-popular with Indians, Kuala Lumpur is the bes tof both worlds; great food and shopping experiences in the city itself and remote hill stations just a short drive away. Savings of up to 9% can be made by booking 16 weeks before departure.
Search flights to Kuala Lumpur here ### **Read more:** – [International hill stations to beat the heat this summer]( – [Where to find the best vegetarian food in Malaysia]( ## [**Madrid**]( The Spanish capital, Madrid, finds itself more frequently on the radar of Indian travellers. Find out what all the fuss is about while sampling some of the local delights; tapas, sangria and a bit of Flamenco dancing are not to be missed! And neither are savings of 13% when you book 15 weeks before departure.
Search flights to Madrid here ### **Read more:** – [9 cities every football fan should visit]( – [Top 10 things to do in Madrid]( Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on [flights](, [hotels]( and [car hire]( _Survey data based on the responses of 1000 Skyscanner India users in April 2017_ _Flight prices data based on searches from India to Destination cities from 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2016)_