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Diwali Travel: Best Time to Book

Are you one of those travellers who leave travel booking until the last minute? Well, you’re not alone. Last year 41% of Diwali travellers booked their flights less than a week before they travelled! But, would you change your booking habits if we told you by booking last minute you’re paying 10% more than you need to AND that the last chance to book cheap flights for Diwali is 6 weeks before departure.

Wait, that’s just around the corner! Read on to find out how to find the best deals on Diwali travel whether it is for a Return, One-way, Multi-city flight tickets.

Skyscanner India has done some data digging to show you when to book to get the best deals on Diwali travel and the good news is, 6 weeks before Diwali is the best time to book flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

With Diwali just a month away, there are still many travellers who leave it to the last moment to book flights for their break and risk paying more than the average fare. 

Best time to Book 

Based on Skyscanner’s historical price data the table below gives you an idea of when you can expect a fare increase or decrease when planning for Diwali travel this year. For Bangkok and Dubai, booking in September and early October could be your chance to score a comparatively cheaper ticket as compared to booking it at the last minute. 

Best time to Book for International Destinations

For New Delhi and Kolkata, booking this September may help you save money now as compared to booking it a week or two in advance of your Diwali holiday. Prices for Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru may drop around November, and you could try for a last-minute deal. You can use the Skyscanner Price Alert to let you know when the changes in price to make sure you don’t miss out on good deals. 

Best time to Book for Domestic Destinations

Diwali Travel – Check the Best time to Book for Top Domestic Destinations

DestinationsBest time to Book
New DelhiApril, May, September
KolkataApril, August, September
BengaluruApril -August
ChennaiMay, July, August

Considering the trends above, it seems prudent to plan in advance and make the most of Diwali travel deals you may get in this month and the next. So, get ready to fly this November.

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