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Best Time to Visit Australia -All You Need to Know

Do you fancy an indulgent, stress-free vacay this year? Australia is the place to be. The best time to visit Australia is through the year if the varied temperature and different seasons are right up your alley. One of the largest continents in the world, the country lies in the southern hemisphere. It is home to some of the most vibrant, exciting and beautiful places. Not just the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney’s extensive beaches, but you are treated to large vineyards scattered across the country, an open land as far as the eye can see. 

The weather has an immense impact on your Australian experience, considering the continent spans different time zones. Australia has four different seasons and three climate zones. The seasons are exactly the opposite of what they would be in other parts of the world. With bright and warm summers and mild winters, this is an out-of-doors country every day of the year. There really are no months you must avoid planning your Australian vacation.

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We at Skyscanner thought of giving you a low down on what you can expect and look forward to on your Australian visit.

Summer December to February

Summer in Australia is the warmest with temperatures hovering between 35° to 45° C in the southern coastal areas, while the Outback gets hotter. It is the peak season for travel in Australia. If crowds do not deter you then, this season is the best time to visit Australia. However, do know flight prices, and hotel stays could be expensive.

If you love taking a beach stroll, visit the many national parks in Australia, try your hand at golf, check the vineyards or spend a day at the spa, hiking, exploring Tasmania, various water sports, then the summer is the best. It is the best time to take a road trip, try bushwalking at the Illawarra Escarpment in Wollongong. Enjoying Christmas on the beach is a new experience. 

Things to know: It rains during summer and the chances of thunderstorms are high.
Tips: Carry enough sunscreen to protect from sunburns.

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Autumn March to May

 Autumn in Australia is pleasant with a nip in the air, though temperatures across the regions may vary between 20° to 25° C, gradually decreasing as it moves towards winter. For those who find the summer tedious, autumn is the best time to visit Australia, especially for an Outback experience, including Uluru when days are warm and nights cooler.

If you prefer local produce then you can enjoy the farmer’s markets, food and wine festivals, fashion weeks, the Melbourne Grand Prix and other events organised during these months. Of course, the end of April that marks the end of the rainy season, when you can enjoy lush greenery, valleys filled with water, plenty of birdlife and wildlife in the stunning Australian national parks. It is the best time to camp along the Murrumbidgee River or try white water rafting in the wild west coast of Tasmania.

Things to know: It can be very crowded with tourists flocking to Australia from all over.
Tips: Carry warm clothes to stay warm during autumn.

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Winter June to August

Winters in Australia are the coldest especially the southernmost regions. Avoid visiting Tasmania and Victoria, as temperatures can drop to 0°. However, winter can be the best time to visit Australia’s Top End, Darwin and Kakadu National Park or North Queensland that sees a lot of sunshine and dry weather. A road trip or camping in the Outback areas of Central and North Western Australia can be best done during these months.

If you love snow activities or find skiing exhilarating, then winter can be the time you plan a visit to the country. Better yet explore Australia’s Simpson Desert or dive into the Great Barrier Reef as the water manages to stay warmer than the temperature around it. Christmas festivities begin early in August, so you can get shopping for gifts.

Things to know: July is the coldest, with intermittent rain and cold breezes. The daytime temperature can go down as much as 12°C
Tips: Carry warm clothes to guard against the cold. Plan your vacation in advance especially for North Australia.

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Spring September to November

Spring is one of the best times to visit Australia as the weather across the continent is enjoyable and less humid. With temperatures hovering around 20°-30°C Southwestern Australia is awash with blooming wildflowers, where hiking, biking, other outdoor activities are enjoyable without you sweating buckets. You can even plan to watch whales. During this season locals prefer taking vacations and if you would like to experience an Australian local flavour, then this is the best time.

If you would like to enjoy various festivals, then spring is the best time to visit Australia. You can try sea kayaking, canoeing, or surfing. Don’t forget a visit to the Kangaroo Island to experience the Australian wildlife or do a wine tasting tour at the wineries of Margaret River. It’s also time for the Melbourne Cup where you can check out the jazz, opera and blues being played.

Things to know: It’s a good time to visit Canberra as it blossoms with vibrant flowers
Tips: Australia will be crowded, so make sure you get your plans underway in advance. Do carry your surfboard along.

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How to reach Australia

To reach Australia, you can take direct flights to Sydney or Melbourne and then use local buses and waterbuses to go further. The airports are located centrally and well connected with other parts of the continent. If you would like to keep a check on the flight prices, then set up a Price Alert or download the app to get more information about the place you plan to visit.