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Best time to visit Greece

Greece, with its sparkling sapphire waters, beautifully bleached infrastructure, an exceptional kitchen and remarkable history, makes for an excellent vacation destination hardly any other country can match. Tourists in Greece are welcomed not only by its pretty beaches and quaint restaurants but an overall vivacious vibe that stays with them long after they are back. It is Greece’s opulent cultural, abundant natural treasures and the socially inclined locals that makes first-time visitors want to come back – soon. Planning your dream trip to Greece? Make sure you plan it at the right time to make the most of what it has to offer. We, at Skyscanner, have curated a detailed seasonal break-up of Greece’s weather especially for you. Read on.

1. Summer: July to September

Bright days, warm temperatures, picture-perfect beaches and the best time to enjoy chilled cocktails – Summers in Greece are every traveller’s dream come true. This is the ideal period to visit famous Greek destinations such as Santorini, Rhodes and Mykonos. The sea temperatures reach a high of around 24 degrees Celsius. Just when the sunny days end, tourists can enjoy the bustling nightlife along the famous beaches. Expect average highs of 33 degrees Celsius and lows of 22 degrees Celsius.

Summer in Greece is also you chance to enjoy various festivals such as the Athens Epidaurus Festival from June to August, marked by epic drama and classical music performances across the city, especially at the Greek National Opera. In June and July, the capital city of Greece also celebrates the Athens Photo Festival which is a creative, artistic event attracting photographers from around the world. If pistachio comes to your mind first when asked about your favourite dry fruit, you have to attend the Fistiki Fest or pistachio festival held in Aegina to enjoy loads of food items based on the dry fruit.

Tip: August is the busiest tourist month Greece sees so make sure you book your air tickets and accommodation way in advance.

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2. Autumn: End-September to early-November

Autumn is the perfect season for visiting Greece if you want almost all the benefits of summers without really paying excess. The best part? There are abundant fun activities to indulge in. From trips to massive museums to scenic vineyards, an autumn holiday to Greece will let you enjoy it all. If you are planning to escape India’s infamous October heat, autumn is the right season for you to visit Greece. That’s because the temperatures are mild but pleasant. Expect average highs of 26 degrees Celsius and lows of 16 degrees Celsius. However, some restaurants close soon as October starts as the tourist inflow falls.

If you are a cinephile, make sure you attend the Thessaloniki International Film Festival to get your share of exceptional movies even during your vacay. Greece is also a fruit-lover’s paradise during Autumn as it is the harvest season and the most juicy and colourful fruits can be bought at cheap prices across the country.

Tip: Take an unplanned, long walk along Greece’s romantic lanes with a carpet of pretty auburn leaves underneath.

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3. Winter: December to February

If you want to completely skip the crowds and have Greece all to yourself, winter is the right season for you. However, keep in mind that the sea will be cold, temperatures will be low and many touristy places might shut due to the low season. Expect temperatures to hover between 12 and 8 degrees Celsius with frequent showers. The good part? Hotel and flight prices are at rock bottom and so it is the best time to grab travel deals.

If you are planning a trip around Christmas or the New Year’s Eve, you will have to still make bookings in advance as these are global holidays. Since it might rain during these months, it is the best to divert your itinerary a bit from just lazing around on the beach. You might want to explore walking and hiking trails, visiting museums and other indoor attractions and buy luxurious brands at discounted prices! Sounds like a plan.

Tip: If you are in for some skiing, visit places like Delphi, Epirus, Kalavrita and the Peloponessos.

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4. Spring: March to June

 Love your sports and blooms in abundance while holidaying? Select the spring season to visit Greece. This is not the peak tourist season so the hotel rates will not be exorbitant and sightseeing places will not be overly crowded. So you can forget about the long tourist queues, restaurants that won’t seat you without reservations and disturbances during your romantic strolls along beautiful water bodies. The weather is nice too; not as good as summers but quite pleasant. The temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Spring is the perfect time to indulge in outdoor activities such as horse riding, river rafting and kayaking.  Spring also brings along with it some vibrant Easter celebrations – local customs and traditions – which will be the highlight of your spring trip to Greece.

Tip: Plan a trip to Cycladic Islands to experience a spring wonderland with hoards of pretty wildflowers. Apart from rejuvenating your senses, they will act as perfect backdrops for your vacay photos!

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