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Best Time to visit Singapore

Singapore is one of the rare places in the world that is tourist-friendly throughout the year; you can come during any season and you would never leave disappointed. Even though most visitors prefer the months between February and April, when the weather is neither too hot nor too rainy, a variety of events and festivals conducted throughout the year make sure that the best time to travel to Singapore extends across months and seasons. Skyscanner can help you choose the right time based on your budget and preferences with the Price Alerts tool.

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Jan to March in Singapore: Welcome the New Year at one of the world’s most popular party destinations!

Celebrate the New Year at Marina Bay witnessing a dazzling display of fireworks or throw a party 282 meters above the ground, at the highest rooftop bar in the world. If you’d like to avoid the rush of travelers at the time of New Year and enjoy the initial few months of the year accompanied by the Northeast Monsoon, we can help your plan your flight and hotel bookings well in advance.

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Among the multitude of ethnicities in Singapore, the Chinese constitute a significant proportion, which makes the Chinese New Year an equally popular event. So the New Year party lasts a lot longer than the rest of the world, with events such as the Chingay Parade of Dreams keeping the festivities going.

Fireworks at Marina Bay

April to May in Singapore: Enjoy spring in the midst of nature and gorge on local and global delicacies!

Though Singapore often evokes visuals of skyscrapers, swanky buildings, crowded marketplaces et al, more than half of Singapore is covered in greenery, and spring is a good time to soak it up. April is also the time for the World Gourmet Summit, one of the most prestigious food festivals in the world. For film and sport enthusiasts, Singapore hosts the prestigious Singapore International Film Festival as well as Asia’s richest horse racing event in the month of April.

World Gourmet Summit

May to July in Singapore: Beat the summer heat with a free coke in exchange for a hug!

Summer can often make you crave for a bottle of coke. So, trivia buffs, at which place in the world would a machine give you a bottle of coke in exchange for a hug? You got it right, Singapore it is! Is there a best time for a hug? So why wait for the best time to visit Singapore?

In any case, Singapore summers are not too bad, with maximum temperatures hovering around 29 to 31°C. You can beat the heat by checking in at any of the various beach destinations listed at Skyscanner. Singapore loves food, and tourists can’t get enough of it, with the summer season packed with food festivals, one of them aptly named ‘Festival of the Hungry Ghosts’.

May to September in Singapore: Shop to your heart’s content from summer to autumn

Where else in the world will you get a free market where everything is ‘sold’ for free? Forget semantics; open throughout the year, there is no best time to visit Singapore’s Really Really Free Market. Freebies apart, the months of May to July witness the Great Singapore Shopping Sale, which attracts locals as well as overseas tourists, and the result is an unparalleled shopping frenzy.

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Mid-autumn is also the time when Singapore hosts the Mooncake Festival, celebrating the annual harvest on a full-moon night with a globally renowned delicacy, the Chinese mooncakes.

October to December in Singapore: Celebrate Christmas and Deepavali in the pleasant climes of a mild winter

There’s no better time to witness Singapore’s ethnic diversity than the winter, when the Hindu festival of Deepavali and Christmas are both celebrates with equal fervor. Around the same time, traffic along the roads of Singapore makes way for the grueling Singapore marathon, a popular event attended by pros and amateurs alike. So don’t spend any more time planning. Visit Skyscanner to know more about airline ticket prices, recommendations, and hotel preferences, all in one place.

Best time to book flights to Singapore

Are you among the travelers who plan their vacations well in advance? Have you decided the travel dates? Great, we have some pointers for you! Flights to Singapore are cheaper if you make your bookings 4 to 5 months in advance. If you are somewhat flexible, we suggest that you use our Price Alerts tool, which monitors flight prices and sends e-mails to you when prices change. And, like we said, Singapore is a great place to visit throughout the year; so go ahead, click here and plan your travel based on your budget and your expectations from the airlines and the hotels.

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The best time to book data refers to the price paid against the average price for return flights for 1 person to Singapore from across India during the time period 1st January 2015 – 31st December 2016

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