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Cheapest country in the world to visit from India

Planning an international holiday but the budget is not playing ball? Happens to the best of travelers. Balancing holiday destination choices with your budget can be quite a task. Make your job easier by downloading the Skyscanner app. The Skyscanner app has a feature that practically reads your mind – rather your balance sheet – and helps you decide where you should head to without breaking the bank. EXPLORE EVERYWHERE is Skyscanner’s super feature which is essentially your key to destinations with the cheapest flights from your departure city. It’s for real, and here’s how you go about it.

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Download the Skyscanner App




Choose between ROUND TRIP and ONE-WAY and then enter your departure city


Streamline your search further by entering your travel dates, or keep it open and choose ANYTIME

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You will get a sky full of flight choices both from India and abroad. The first international destination is the cheapest flight from your departure city to a country outside of India.


Tap on the country name and choose from airports/cities within that country. Inspired much? Make it real, narrow down your search and change DATES OF TRAVEL from Anytime to a specific time frame.

Off you go!

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To put it in a nutshell, as of date, the cheapest flights from the four major Indian metros are detailed in the table below. Take a look.

New Delhi to Nepal – INR 10,693 for Kathmandu

Mumbai to Oman – INR 10,176 for Muscat

Kolkata to Thailand – INR 9,475 for Bangkok

Chennai to Sri Lanka – INR 9,113 for Colombo

So, if you are flying from Chennai, the cheapest country to head to would be Sri Lanka, and the cheapest airport to land at within Sri Lanka would be Colombo. New Delhi takes you to Nepal without upsetting your annual budget – choose to land at Kathmandu for the best deal. From Mumbai, it is the United Arab Emirates, with Oman leading the destinations pack. Flyers from Kolkata can plan a trip to Thailand, and land at Bangkok to be precise, for their cheapest option out of the country.

Once you zero in on your arrival airport, one tap on the city tab will present you with more details. You can trim your TRIP TYPE to define or change the length of your trip as well as the flight stops. Choose from the cheapest flight to flights over the next 2 or 4 weeks; as well as flight options over the next 3 months.

Scroll down to QUICK SEARCH to find more flight dates. Quick Search will also let you explore hotels at your destination as well as hook up some wheels for your trip with its Car Rental option.

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Now that you know how to figure out the cheapest international destination to head to from your city, it’s time to fish that passport out and get it stamped! Book flightshotel or rent a car with Skyscanner today. You can do all of these on our mobile app too.