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Emirates Baggage Allowance – Everything fliers must know today

Packing, unpacking, lugging around bags through massive airports is tiresome. Can you imagine carrying all your bags to the airport where you cannot carry your bags as they exceed the limit? Quite possible, isn’t it? You will see plenty of such scenes at the airport. To avoid paying extra baggage fees or leaving your bags behind, understanding everything about Emirates baggage allowance is necessary.

Find out how much baggage allowance on Emirates flights you have, what you can carry with you inside the cabin. To get a clear picture, use the baggage allowance calculator while planning your trip. Most airlines offer standard baggage allowances; however, Emirates offers baggage allowances based on weight or per bag depending on the flight route you will travel.

Checked-in baggage (Weight)

What can you bring in your baggage on an Emirates flight?

All your bags, that you can take based on -a per piece of baggage or the total weight of your bags are included in the check-in baggage allowance on Emirate flights. This allowance changes based on the flight class you will be travelling in, your Emirates Skywards member status and other factors.

All Emirates flight routes except flights to/from any place in the Americas and flights starting in Africa. The baggage allowance for all economy special seats for flights between India and UAE is 25 kgs.

Allowance for flights booked before 4th February 2019

Ticket ClassSpecialSaverFlexFlex Plus
Economy20 kg30 kg30 kg35 kg
Business40 kg40 kg40 kg40 kg
First50 kg 50 kg 50 kg50 kg

Baggage Allowance for flights booked after 4th February 2019

Ticket ClassSpecialSaverFlexFlex Plus
Economy15 kg **25 kg30 kg35 kg
Business40 kg40 kg40 kg40 kg
First50 kg 50 kg 50 kg50 kg

The total weight should not exceed the Emirates baggage allowance based on the class you are travelling in; though there is no limit on the number of bags you can carry with you. Each individual bag must weigh less than 32 kg in all.

Allowance for all flights between Europe and the US and within the Americas

Ticket Issued EconomyBusinessFirst
Before 4th Feb 2019 Two bags with a max weight of 23 kg eachTwo bags with a max weight of 32 kg each Two bags with a max weight of 32 kg each
On or after 4th Feb 2019One bag with a max weight of 23 kg in the Special and Saver
Two bags with a max weight of 23 kg each in the Flex and Flex Plus+
Two bags with a max weight of 32 kg eachTwo bags with a max weight of 32 kg each

Any stopover in Dubai that is longer than a day, or any sector in Europe or Africa on flights to/from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North or South America then your complimentary baggage allowance will be based on weight for the entire journey.

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Checked Baggage (Per Bag)

The size of your check-in bags must not exceed 59 in. To calculate please add the length, height and width including any pockets or bag handles. You will have to pay for any individual bags that exceed 59 inches up to 118 inches. However, if the bag size exceeds 118 inches then you will have to send your bags as cargo.

Calculate your allowance

If you want to know how much you can carry into the cabin, check the Emirates baggage allowance calculator. To get an idea click here

Hand luggage

Complimentary Emirates baggage allowance will vary based on your flight route, the Skywards tier and the cabin class you travel in.

For the Economy class:

You are permitted to carry one bag as carry-on baggage. The weight of the bag must not exceed 7 kgs and a size of 115 cm if you are travelling from India. For all other flights, the bag size should not exceed 55 x 38 x 20 cm. If you are travelling from Brazil, then you can carry up to 10 kgs as carry-on luggage.

For Business and First class

If you are travelling in the business or first class then you can carry 2 bags. It can be a briefcase and a handbag or a garment bag. The briefcase must be within 45 x 35 x 20 cm and your handbag 55 x 38 x 20 cm in size; any garment bag with you can’t exceed 20 cm thickness when folded. The weight of each bag should be less or equal to 7 kg.

Carrying all duty-free products like perfumes, cigarettes, onboard in reasonable quantities is possible. However, many airports have liquid restrictions and your products may not get past the security check. To get an idea of liquid restrictions and baggage allowance if you are travelling with an infant, click here

Sports equipment and musical instruments

Sports Equipment

To carry sports equipment or musical instruments the same size and weight allowance limits for cabin baggage apply. Buy a paid-for seat for your equipment if needed.  Do note, there can be other restrictions in case of musical instruments. To know more about these conditions please contact the Emirates office closest to you.

How can I buy added baggage for my Emirates flight?

Buy excess baggage allowances online, at the check-in desk or through Emirates offices. The fees online are in USD. You can buy extra baggage allowance online up to 90 minutes in advance and avail discounts if you use your credit card to pay for it.

Excess Baggage

Remember, this service is valid on tickets for adults and children, not infants subject to availability. The issuer, operator and marketer of tickets must be Emirates. To get a better idea about the fees and the conditions applied click here

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