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FAQ on booking your flight through Skyscanner

Booking your flight through Skyscanner? Here are some frequently asked questions that may pop up in a first time user’s mind, and our attempt at answering them adequately. Read on!


What are the most common mistakes made while booking a flight?

Booking your flight is as simple as it can be difficult. While doing everything right means you get to sail through smoothly, little mistakes like spelling errors or missing documents are enough to put you on a bumpy flight. Here are some of the most common mistakes made while booking a flight:

  • Spelling mistakes have the capability to unravel the best laid plans – and if those plans are travel plans, you can kiss your flight goodbye. A simple spelling mistake in your name can deny you boarding your flight or even entry to the airport. That’s because the name on your identification must correspond to the name on your ticket.
  • Incorrect booking details can get you another trip to nowhere. A slip up in your dates, time, destination, name, contact details – any information that does not correspond to your passport details/identification that you are carrying for your flight – can result in incomplete/incorrect documentation situation which in turn is bad news for you.
  • Forgetting to follow up on missing booking confirmation. So you think are booked, packed and ready to fly, but you forgot to follow up on that booking confirmation with the OTA/airline partner. You’re as good as grounded. Golden rule: if you don’t receive a confirmation for your ticket within a few days of booking, you must get back to your agent or airline because you probably don’t have a ticket!
  • Getting the dates of your itinerary wrong is as silly a mistake as getting the spelling of your name wrong. But it is a very common mistake, especially when your flight is in the wee hours of the morning and you mess up the ‘date changes at midnight’ issue. Another common error is getting the math wrong when converting time difference between countries.
  • Wrong passport details are also a top offender. This one ranges from simple errors while copying the passport detail to overlooking the date of an expired passport.
  • Missing/wrong documents also play spoilsport in travel plans. Some countries have an exhaustive list of documents, records and vaccinations that they require to let you in. One missing piece of paper can take the wind out of your sails!
Details are important

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Does Skyscanner use cookies?

Yes, Skyscanner uses cookies. Skyscanner uses cookies ONLY when they are essential, and only for the optimization and personalization of the delivery of our services. As far as ticket prices are concerned, Skyscanner shows only those rates that are passed on by the airline or travel agent. Which means that it is not possible for the Skyscanner cookie to influence the rates displayed in your session because your session is anonymous until you visit the airline’s or the travel agent’s website to book your ticket. Also, Skyscanner insists on ensuring that the rates displayed on our website are available at the time of booking your ticket.

Looking for more detail? Read our article Cookie Policy to clear all possible doubts. 

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Where does my money go? Does Skyscanner process my payment?

Simply put, your money goes to the travel agent or the airline company that you have booked your ticket with, and Skyscanner does not process your payment. That is why Skyscanner is a free service.

To elaborate, Skyscanner is a search engine that compares flight prices from across airline companies and travel agents to help you zero in on the one that suits you best. Once you finalise a flight and click on the ‘Select’ button, you are transferred to the website of the airline or the travel agent where your payment is processed.

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Who do I contact if there is an issue with my booking?

If you face an issue with your booking, the first step for you is to get in touch with the airline company or travel agent that you have booked with. Though Skyscanner limits its involvement till the point where you hit the green ‘Select’ button for your chosen airline or travel agent, this does not mean that we are not there to help you in case of need. If you require assistance even after getting in touch with the concerned partner, we are available to help.

You can get in touch with Skyscanner’s help centre anytime.

Ready to help!

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Now that you know how to book a hassle free passage with Skyscanner, get online and plan your trip now! You can book your flights, hotels and rent a car with Skyscanner today. You can do all of these on our mobile app too.