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Flight PNR status IndiGo Airlines

Travelling soon? You could be packed for work or for pleasure, booked with or without family, flying domestic or international; the one thing that will remain constant is a PNR number. After juggling work, packing, kids, ticket booking and that pesky last-minute list, it is this PNR number that finally takes you to your flight. Skyscanner tells you how to stay on top of the flight PNR status for IndiGo Airlines. Read on for the what, the where and the how!


What is PNR?

PNR, also known as the Passenger Name Record, is the identification for your flight booking. This one number follows your flight from the time you make the booking to the time you exit from arrivals. It is also how you can keep track of your IndiGo flight status in real time. The details that your PNR number allows you to access include the exact status of your ticket booking – confirmed/waitlisted, updates regarding the arrival and departure timings of your IndiGo flight, and information about any other changes in schedule.

If a passenger has a confirmed flight PNR status IndiGo ticket, there is no need for a physical copy of the ticket to get on to your IndiGo flight. All that you need to do is inform the in-charge of your PNR number and you are good to go.

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Where can I find my IndiGo flight PNR?

The PNR number is always printed on your flight ticket. When more than one ticket has been booked at the same time, the PNR number will remain the same for all tickets.

Note: The PNR number corresponds to the booking, not to individual passengers.

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How do I track my flight PNR status or my IndiGo flight status?

Tracking your IndiGo flight PNR status is easy – Log on to the IndiGo website here, click on ‘Flight Status’ and enter your flight details in the box before you key in your PNR number. Now click on the ‘Search Flight’ button. Simple.

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