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Track Emirates Flight Status LIVE from India

You are in the middle of a thousand things – work, errands, the kids, and then there is packing your suitcase and ticket booking – a never ending list, especially when there is a flight to somewhere on the horizon. A little assistance is most welcome. So when Skyscanner offers to help you stay on top of your Emirates PNR status in a quick and uncomplicated manner, it definitely makes keeping track of your flight timings and booking status simpler.


What is PNR?

PNR or the Passenger Name Record, in the broader sense, is what helps you keep track of your Emirates flight status. To be clearer, your PNR number will lead you to information about the exact, real time status of your flight booking. Details that you can access through your PNR number include the status of your ticket – has it been confirmed or are you on the waiting list? It also helps you with updates about the exact arrival and departure timings of your Emirates flight.

If your PNR status is confirmed, you do not need a physical copy of your ticket. All you have to do is apprise the authorities at the airport of your PNR number and you will be allowed to board your Emirates flight.

Where can I find my Emirates flight PNR?

Your PNR will always be printed on your ticket. In case of multiple bookings made at the same time, the PNR remains the same.

Note: The PNR number corresponds to your booking, not to individual passengers.

How do I track my PNR or my Emirates flight status?

Tracking your Emirates flight status is very simple – Log on to the Emirates website here and select your flight number or the route before you key in your PNR number. Now click on the ‘Check flight status’ tab. You’re done.

Note: This service is unavailable for codeshare flights, since these flights are operated by other airlines.

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