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Travel insurance: Do’s and Don’ts

Travel insurance can be seriously confusing… Check our list of Do’s and Don’ts to make sure you get the right policy.

When you’re traveling to distant shores, a little extra precaution will take you a long way in dealing with unexpected mishaps and inconveniences. A good travel insurance package protects you from a whole host of unforeseen expenses that could come up due to loss of baggage, trip cancellations or even medical expenses if you were to be taken ill in an unfamiliar setting. But with a multitude of offerings in the market, how do you decide which one is best suited for you and what you should be looking out for between the fine print? Here’s Skyscanner’s quick guide to the Do’s and Don’ts to follow while picking a travel insurance package…

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1. Check policy duration

Read carefully to see that your policy covers the entire duration of your trip, if your trip is getting extended after you have bought the policy get the time period extended before the cover expires.

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2. Have a look at refund provisions

While buying the policy, also check if there is a provision for a refund in case there is a chance that your trip might get over earlier than expected.

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3. Assess how frequently you travel

For those who travel multiple times in a year, it is advisable to choose an annual overseas travel insurance plan, which will cover you throughout the year no matter how many trips you take. This will work out cheaper than purchasing a new policy every time you travel.

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4. Evaluate the amount of insurance

The amount that you need to be insured for is decided by you depending on what all you would like to be covered for. A higher premium will give you a bigger cover, keep in mind medical expenses in the US and in Europe are much higher than Asian countries so you might want to get a bigger cover if headed west. If you are headed for a holiday that might have a higher chance of an accident (for all the adrenaline junkies out there) you can get special coverage for specific things at an extra cost.

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5. Check if you need house insurance

Some policies will also allow you to insure your house against burglary or fire. You can also add these if they are a priority.

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6. Explore group insurance options

Do keep in mind that if you are travelling with your family or in a group, a group cover can be purchased that will work out be more economical.

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1. Plan last minute

Make sure you don’t take last minute decisions about your travel insurance, a little extra time in hand will allow you to compare all the policies in the market and opt for the one best suited to your needs.

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2. Lose contact details

Don’t make the mistake of not having all the contact details of the insurer handy in a notebook or your phone so they can be accessed easily in case of an emergency. When you need it urgently, searching for it will only add to stress.

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3. Avail of senior citizen packages

Don’t forget that if you are over 65 or booking for someone who is, there are special provisions for senior citizens. For instance, senior citizens get a cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

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4. Depend solely on agents or intermediaries

Don’t choose the cheapest or the most expensive plan blindly, do your research and read the policy carefully. In the same light, don’t be overly dependent on an intermediary, understand the details yourself.

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If you have any other tips that will help our readers get the best insurance for their needs do share with us in the comments section. For all your other travel needs, check out Skyscanner’s flights, hotels & car rental services. If sitting at a desk is not your thing, you can also book these on our new mobile apps